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Today their job easier today yes gone only we have a lot of feel lightly Elizabeth you know just landline situation I'm walking into here just no here's all we need to say and in the audience should not be scared shockingly in you know what so is Bette I DO shockingly I'm not making a joke Kenny Kenny witnesses the three of us have their read very strong feelings and dawn and Stephanie you're together and I am strongly on the other side really who support who doesn't seven I our team get over yourself that all right up for it don't be the Yoko reset it was like watching the beginning of a hockey fight they were gonna start throwing hands I thought I thought it was going to get physical right very funny so the sympathetic and you say live your own life if it doesn't work for you and your family bye take care of yourself and sorry Kerry watched his mother die because of the brutality of the British tabloids protect your wife protect your child by I do think that was exactly what caused this raft that he just saw that and said I'm not going through this and I think a lot of things happen when you have your own child that you see ways that you maybe grew up that you don't want that for your child and I bet that having Archie was a major trigger that it was just like this is not how I want him to live so they're planning to set up their home in Los Angeles is what's being reported today highly placed sources saying Meghan is at heart in LA girl she cares about money power and prestige I yep envelopes Stephanie I'm gonna.

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