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Yes sometimes you can kind of get what the meaning so i bill is day off is playing hooky with style okay well that's very literal you only live twice ends up as james bond in japan so jen very literal you'll never guess this girl with a man's courage han go with a man's courage not go with the dragon tattoo is it true grit oh okay okay his the his my favorite one from the list cold buttocks really cool runnings that's the best you do anyway thanks to henry rowlands two years ago on the jon favreau fifteenth of april twenty sixteen podcast the question about whether johnny depp's movie transcendence had been largely reassess since it's overly lease was proposed to mark yes and his answer that it might still need more time to pass more people start to reappraise it i'm suggested setting another two year reminder like we had done back in two thousand fourteen which is what i did okay so mark hello are you going to admit that this film is a forgotten box office failure or will you retain your feelings that it is no longer disliked to like it was unreleased i think it is no longer this lights like it wasn't released i've actually had loads of conversations with people who say i saw that transcendence on dvd and it was really good it's rubbish no they didn't say that they said something said something different but that's actually that's actually what they meant and everyone else at the time i know that was very commodious wasn't it.

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