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Friends negotiations are underway edible no i could see why you'd wanna robot in solve met her me why is that niche with what our dads not virtual robot maybe houses cars might have the sixth and final season after all but kevin spacey won't be involved a source says that the cast and crew will now by thanksgiving and the riders are already retooling the plot to account for kevin's absence yes thank you that's what we wanna do we just have the show starring robin right and yet on whether that's what we wanted it to be all along way masaari nova's so true that hindsight is 2020 earth is that how that goes or revisionist history may talking about uh britney spears of the social media over the weekend to reveal that she has sagged major in the pipeline she shared a picture gave tiger for peter lindbergh of peck on the inside the caps and secret project oh air assuming this those means that britain has started working on a follow up to her last album or maybe she's pregnant or something maybe she's finally going to get off like thing where she was going to like sign off on everything with your dow yeah uh uh i don't know if prop more likely she's working under music but i am for it yesterday more brittany and finally sore brag narok held onto the top spot at the box office for a second straight week taking in fifty six point six million dollars daddy's home to premiered in second place with thirty million dollars and murder of the orient express was a close third with twenty point two million dollars eyeing and none of those are things i'm excited about why well after we heard from paul maguire grimes are our movie reviewers that murder on the worry antics press wasn't all that exciting i didn't i don't wanna see that oh i don't get daddy's home to i don't i don't even actually remembered the first one neither and that is a one it was just call daddy sell though all right of recall those one and because you know when they make the first one i don't know that they always know that they're gonna make a sire i wrote zip never say something his first annual to donny love i need with uh all.

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