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Six boards of directors twenty one yard line cyber back to block the shot gun they'd route right side like the end zone the White who and what a day again Marvin what a day for Cody whites career in receptions in a home with a weapon he had eight in the first half really really still made a statement early on that he was gonna be start today and they couldn't stop rockers could not do anything with him and he wasn't the only one I think they could have picked me think between some other guys as well but it was really good to see Cody catch the ball today with his hands he probably could have four toes on today if the one that he got his hands in defense of back kick it out of his hand got intersection so it was very exciting to see Cody venison venison place today yeah in him being a junior and out with a lot of the young wide receivers of course Darryl Stewart being out he really now has become the go to guy leader ask with all these other young why freshman sophomore wide receivers he's really now become a leader in that wide receiving corps would you agree I would have to and that's what he has to do I mean we have a lot of young guys out there at the wide receiver position and sway to show on the way to how to do it today indeed and this was a must win scenario as I mentioned for a bowl game for a chance to continue to have a chance at the bowl game of course we'll have to see what happens with Maryland the next next week to end the season on senior day we'll get into that a little bit later but I want to go back to you for a moment because you lose our hat went to four bowl games as a Michigan state Spartans she just how important was that for a player developments scenario we hear about it all the time the extra practice you can usually the bowl game is the beginning of the next season would you agree yes it was definitely how nice to you know get those X. winds and to have extra games into the season well we're going to warm places to play I am fortunately we didn't win any of those games but I think for the most part we had a great time when we went to the bowl games when I was playing yeah unfortunately like you said you didn't get the win was some of the experience is like for you to go to four different ballgame so me one was into cooked Keogh beau in Memphis el Paso Texas we get to go to Mexico than Sir report Louisiana you know playing against LSU I was just a good experience overall you know was tough it was nice to get those winds stir during the season so you can get that extra game to get that extra work and and think we enjoyed for the most part maybe sometime too much yeah Tokyo how is that a joke amazing it was absolutely different in a game and that being of such a different game than it was supposed to be for to begin a season because of Wisconsin was playing for the Rose Bowl we're just playing a game so we end up it was guys and if you want they gave me back at medicine wow okay yes indeed you or what did you learn from the culture in there I mean you have to concentrate on the game but my goodness I hopefully have some time to go sightseeing very huge has what I notice about the culture we were very big individuals compared to the people in Tokyo I mean monsters compared to some of the people there and the food was different we had some guys get sick because the first time try sushi so it was definitely a great experience and then it was around December seventh in whispers had the thing about Pearl Harbor so it was a very interesting trip when we went to Tokyo I'll never forget it yeah a little later in the show I want to ask you the dynamic between playing for coach perilous and coach say even something that you most certainly did but speaking about special Brian will work you know we talk about Cody white but the quarterback Brian the work you twenty one of thirty two hundred thirty nine yards three touchdowns of course all those three touchdowns going to Cody white but man it had to be there you being a former quarterback yet the high school level tried to be a quarterback here and at Michigan state didn't work out that you're stuck with it and became a Jack of all trades on offense and defense for you but for Brian the work he's mind set this fine I mean for the whole team just to get the win I mean just the the albatross off the back so to speak yes it was good to see him with the ball out of his hands I did take a couple sex today I thought with that you could maybe get the ball out to the to the the running back in the flat but it was good to see him get the ball out the guys catch it and would be that confidence going into next week and give Maryland all right we will be back.

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