Carl Trujillo, Facebook, Mayor Weber discussed on The Richard Eeds Show


On carl trujillo got a letter a little while ago from a trades council combine that with the letter from three stay representatives may be combined down a little bit with curls response on facebook we'll get to that shortly you want to respond you wanna create your own input there if you think i'm not being fair you can come on the show or you can call in i don't know how to be more fair than that and still have an opinion so we'll do that shortly last night and we talked to city councilor carrow road mero worth about this very thing yesterday when she was here last night at the city council meeting if you were not there you lost out city council meeting last night got off to a rock star welcome to the council welcome to mayorship people were yelling at mayor weber well person and that would be mr arthur firstenberg apparently was yelling at the mayor mayor had to gavel the the the meeting back to order several times because of the telecom measures being discussed last night barely was doozy.

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