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Democrats did that cracked me up so stroh what we have an i i have an ice oh here for consideration okay i'll give it a listen here it's host trump's i was playing already here we go hi how trump other than a douche how was trump other than do i'll take it it's a good recommendation show hi how was trump other than to do that is my ringtone hi how was trump other than douche that's a great ringtone trump other than a do hello that coming out of my flip phone people totally go nuts where is this still stroke reading texts go or as one congress person one senator said stras acc i forgot forgot her that was in front of you have a one sheet of paper that was presented to your few minutes ago and i'm gonna just go to go to a date and then ask you to read your own is not the german this is eissa oh is that darryl narrows date and then ask you to read your own words march fourth two thousand sixteen you want me to read this yes please omg he's an idiot may fourth two thousand sixteen i think that was a poor very poor reading of the for this audition a lot better than his put some soul into it man some omg he's an any to read this yes please omg he's an idiot may fourth two thousand sixteen now the pressure really starts to finish m y july nineteenth two thousand sixteen hi how was trump other than a douche malania july twenty two thousand sixteen trump is zander i have no idea how destabilizing his presidency would be august six two thousand sixteen i don't believe i wrote this texter okay it's been attributed to you so we'll go onto the net and crawl eight two thousand sixteen and i'll preface it by saying this for context ms page said not ever going to become president right right no no he's not we'll stop it repeat that again no no he's not we'll stop it august fifteenth two thousand sixteen i want to believe the path throughout for consideration andy's office that there's no way he gets elected but i'm afraid we can't take that risk it's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before your forty on october twentieth two thousand sixteen i can't pull away what the an i defer to the chairman whether one letter if you don't mind f what the f happened to our country lease okay read it again that way sir did you not was tell to repeat it please okay sure happy to indulge you i can't pull away what happened to our country lease i wanna go back to the gowdy bit because now we're we're talking about the who is the we in the first case because gowdy did a pretty good job on this with them in the first case it's well we know that would mean the american people and here's how i know what you're gonna pull as good clip your testimony a couple of weeks ago was the we met the american people which i found confusing because november the seven which is the day before the election you said this these you were concerned that those same american people that you were speaking on behalf of might actually elect trump president so you said oh am gee this is effing terrify i think we know what effing made pretty sure we have omg down to what was terrifying about those same american people you trust to stop him in august not stopping him in november what was so terrifying about that agent straw michigan i do not have a copy of the transcript we have not been provided that transcript tax it's not the transcripts your text mr gatty what i would say in that is one i was not referring to the american electorate at all the american elected i respect in their decisions and their right to vote is absolutely a cornerstone of our democracy so it no time that i insult or calling the question the the judgment or the power of the american electorate would always expressing in that text is my personal belief and my personal sense of how i saw and what i believed in the.

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