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That helps focus his psychic powers, but MU to realize Giovanni just wants to use them. So he flees and plots revenge, he decides the logical thing to do is to take over the earth and kill all humans and their enslaved Pok Mon, but leaving the free Pok Mon the rest of the world to do this. He starts by inviting the best Pok Mon traders in the world to his island under the guise of tournament included in this roster is ten year old Pok Mon trainer ash Ketchum who brings a as primary Pokemon Pichu as well as his best friends misty and Brock there followed there by their team rocket nemeses Jesse James as well as the talking meow live, all of whom think they're missing out. On a great party. But once on the island mutune reveals his true plans, any clones all the Pokemon. Brought to the island astroid the clothing machine and freeze the original Pocos who go to battle against their clones. But the fight is a brutal stalemate and the real MU reveals himself and tries to stop you to. But that battle appears to be evenly matched as well. Finally, ash Pika chew and team rocket all separately. Come to the conclusion fighting is wrong. A weird message for her Pokemon tournament game at tries to stop the fight between MU and MU to by putting himself in the middle where he's caught in an energy blast and killed his sacrifice makes MU to realize humans do have compassion for Pok Mon that he was rash in his plan to destroy the world, and the Pokemon gathered more Nash, but their tears have the mystical power of life and they revive ash from the dead Mutubu flies off to contemplate his existence. Decides memory is too much for the humans. They're poking mon-. So he wipes their memories and puts them all back on the mainland as credits. Roll. Wow. This is you know, I will say it's not like all the episodes were kitty. But I can't think of anyone that got this deep. Yeah..

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