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Is that I mean. I'm not happy in what's going on very happy in the play in the prediction just like any good Wall Street traders going to be happy if they short stock and it goes down, but as an entrepreneur. Okay. As an entrepreneur, not happy at all about this very happy by my prediction. Not very happy about this indicator. Overall, this goes to show just how fucked we are. Startups in the Seco system right now, just how scrutiny are seriously. We're screwed. But why. The story. It's been. Anybody remember our buddy our good friend, Evan Spiegel over at Snapchat, Snapchat. The company that was invented to send nude photos. That all of a sudden somehow. The millennials, the news tech crunch that whole side of the media somehow painted Mr. spin on his company, quite frankly, has geniuses because Snapchat was the future of communication. Snapchat was the future messaging, Snapchat laws, the future. How long did we hear that bullshit for. Here's a fun, fun one. Pre IPO who was bashing, the stock yours, truly folks yours, truly right here, bashing, it I went through that entire. Fuck pre IPO report. Go back to that episode. I went through the entire folks. I swear to you. I sat in a bar that evening. I sat there. I drank my beer. I was there for a good six hours honestly. And I read through this whole entire Buchan thing. And I couldn't find anything in there that didn't feel like toxic bullshit. It all felt like trash. Was hype. It's fucking startups running. It's fucking hot air. This is not a novel idea. It was a company designed to send fucking nude picks dick pics. The future fucking communication. It's a fucking fat. Look how easy it was ripped off by fucking Instagram stories. It was trash. It was always trash for anybody to understand companies on any kind of deeper level. You would understand this company had zero barriers to competition had zero zero financial prowess and.

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