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Why not? The aforementioned Jason Castro's only at three percent Christian. Vasquez is at thirty four percent is in Vasquez, doing what, what we can reasonably expect out of out of Posey to eighty seven seven and twenty two homers and runs. He's just like Posey. Worries matching his runs in homers, except his are better. I mean now in fairness, people have moved on from Posey's at sixty six percent in in those rows ball leagues. And let me see where he is in. Any SPN leaks them pulled up seventy two. So, you know people are moving away. But that's still both of those are still too high. I think it's got to be sub sixty right now. I'd rather have Vasquez. I'd rather have Narvaez he's not as widely available. So that one's a little bit more of a pipe dream. I think I'd rather ride out the McCann hotness. I'll tell you what, here's one Jonathan Lukoil sitting seventeenth. He's got he's got a seven twenty six percent roster rate. Let me see what he's been up to lately, because I remember he was killing it for a while. And I was like, oh now you decide to turn it on. I carried your carcass for years. Okay. He's coming back to earth, quite a bit. He's got a to thirty two average. He was he was totally good average for a minute. As recently as may eighth. He was help as recently as may twenty fourth. He was at two seventy three. So that's his high watermark over the last over the last few weeks. But since then it's got all my God. Absolutely dreadful one eighteen cents. Then that's really because I was gonna say I was surprised to see who that low. He had to have been in a colossal slump, and he is so okay, maybe you hold Posey over him. But there's other guys out there. I just don't think you need to blindly hold Posey because of the name value. That's all I'm saying. And for the record he is twenty third on the play Rainer here..

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