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Chela. Homecoming twenty eighteen last year beyond became the first African American woman ever to headline the Coachella festival today. She's out with a documentary on Netflix called homecoming about the making of that historic performance because she is beyond say, she's also released a live album here to talk more about the latest in the beehive is our music, Sydney. Mad? Welcome to the studio. Thank you Audie. All right. So just to set the stage so to speak. There are a lot of other concert films out there. Right Jonah goes back decades. What do they typically look like it's a strong lineage of behind the scene concert films? That have basically brought it down to his science of what behind concert film is get a feel like there's months of prep on choreography. There's moments of apprehension struggling, and then of course, there's that prayer circles seen right before the big show where everybody just pulls all together. And it's totally triumphant. It's a pretty standard. Story line at this point. So what is different about this film from beyond say, which I gather she directed. Yes. She directed at herself. Whereas other artists their chosen to headline a festival or headline performance. Like, I'm gonna show off the best of my career for beyond say, she created an entire world to encompass the music that she's put out over the last two decades of career. So this entire performance was a love letter to HP us and black culture. And this is historically black colleges and university. Absolutely. Even though beers did not go to college. She says in the film. She's always had a love affair with what each BC's have represented, and the type of culture that they've nurtured.

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