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They can fire you, but they can't eat you. Oh, that's priceless. We need more of those except he says he's done being a head coach after this is kind of the revelation. We got from his press conference to take over as Chicago's defensive coordinator. He actually says he's fine. Not being the guy in charge. There's a lot of things, you know, the coach Nagy would tell you sitting in that chair now for a year. And I sat in it for six years. There's many times when I was sitting in that chair. Defensive coordinator gun shows a secondary. Coach wasn't nothing to do with coaching was nothing to do with the football part of it. Some of the other stuff that comes with it. But that's part of the job, you know. So again, it's it's been around the people this staff that he's put together. The roster that he's put together. You know, the players the coaching staff. I mean, it's just can go on and on and on again coach at heart. Just like, you know, coach Nagy as a love to coach football, and it wouldn't have mattered what the role was very very fortunate to have this opportunity to get this job. He's just admitting there were times when he did not want to talk to the media to their questions and face all of the crap. There's there's crap at every job. Let's be honest. There's crabbing my job. In fact, I had to deal with some of it on Thursday. So as even late getting down to Baltimore, we all have job crap that we stuck with. And it's decidedly unfair the life is not fair, of course. But God knows referring to that kind of stuff all the extemporaneous little details and tasks that come along with being head coach. That's why even the greatest football minds are not all cut out to be head coaches. And there are a lot of guys rank and file in the NFL that don't want to be head coaches for that reason. Fire you they can't eat you. Well. True. But they could try they do they try. Oh my gosh. So many of you weighing on Facebook this morning and also your tweets about the polar bear plunge. I'm I'm going to videos leading into it. And hey, I'm here and Yay. And then afterwards as well. But sometimes I forget about the social media part. But I will try promise and our next guest who will join us in studio after the break assures me there will be multiple camera angles. No, no, no, no one asked for that. Okay. I didn't ask for that. By the way. Breaking news. Novak Djokovic cruises through the semis at the Australian Open, and he will battle Rafeal doll in the men's final. So we have Naomi Osaka and Patrick Evita with not just the Australian Open title. But also the number one ranking in the world for the women that's on the line and then Novak against Rafa in the men's final. So some high profile matches coming.

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