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Our for, townhall dot com Doc Patrick fos, President Trump has abruptly revoked the security, clearance of, ex CIA director John Brennan a. Vocal critic of Mr. Trump in. Addition to, broaden Sarah Huckabee Sanders says others are having their security clearances. Reviewed including former FBI director James me former director of national intelligence James. Clapper and former CIA director Michael, Hayden also. On the list Susan. Rice Andrew McCabe. Fired FBI counter intelligence. Officer Peter Struck FBI lawyer Lisa page and senior Justice department official Bruce or Capitol Hill correspondent Wally Hindes at least two of the names on the list Komi and McCabe don't. Currently have clearances the Senate is set, to begin debate Thursday on a. Bill combined the largest to appropriations measures. Sale combines appropriations for the department of defense, with funding, for, labor health and. Human services and education this combination represents about sixty percent of the entire. Two thousand, nineteen funding measures for all federal agencies sent departments but the combination also presents. A challenge for Senate leadership to maintain a, pledge not to, allow controversial measures to be attached to, the Bill some of those controversial amendments, involve abortion, education policy and child detention centers. Many senators have already made it. Clear these, so-called poison pills could sink the Bill Linda Kenyon Washington Washington. State climatologist Nick bond says the western wildfires are not likely to end. Anytime soon right now the expectation, is the. Wildfire season is going. To keep going. Gangbusters in Montana hundreds. Of people were hastily evacuated from glacier national park Wildfire, destroyed at least. Nine homes and cabins a refugee from Iraq was arrested Wednesday in northern. California but, a warrant alleging that he killed in Iraqi policemen while fighting for.

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