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An act of rebellion. I actually don't feel like this was part of the rebellious part of myself that there was a certain point where i had started to turn myself around a little bit. And even though the desire to rebel didn't leave me and certainly. I took it away to college with me. I had kind of cleaned up my act in terms of my schoolwork and my studies and started to pay proper attention to what i wanted. My what. I wanted to do what i wanted my near future to look like and so i had auditioned for the goodman theatre school and gone there to audition and ben accepted and found. You know a cheap apartment and done all that. And so i felt i was. I was showing up in a way that was contrary perhaps to my previous behavior. Even though once. I ended up at school. I still looked like i was right out of the cure and when to classes and actually for the entire time that i was there at school you know what after four years of theatre school and then showing up to these agents in new york who were wanting to represent me. I was still wearing those kind of close and it was it was it was those agents who said you know you got a since he show up just a little bit more like the character that you're auditioning for unless like something that was washed up on the shore. Well it was the fact that there was interest in representing you that that led you to then move to new york. I mean that's where. I guess what i would let because this is From all over the country. I guess the world people of course aspiring actors converge on new york. But for you. What was the expectation of what that would be like. And then what was the reality of what it was like. I don't know it's interesting. I don't know y for me. Chicago fell even though i had grown up in and maybe it was because i grew up in a city like like london and i knew what big city was and so she called even though i went to chicago from michigan from grand rapids. Chicago's still felt small town to me. And i knew the for some reason that i wasn't going to stay there. I you know origin. Want to stay there For whatever reason that was And so know had had that agent not said come to new york and we're represents you have to imagine i probably would have gone. They're gone to la anyway. I don't know how that would have transpired. But i think i probably would have found my way there so but i you know i think one imagines it is much less so these days because of how you know how international productions are how how differently casting his done than it was done back there. I think it's much easier to be discovered today than just in a a soda at a soda fountain or whatever and in los angeles and so But back then night. I was new yorker los angeles new york los angeles. And why were you view. It sounds like you were vehemently opposed to los angeles. Why was that. I think initially because you know the the the school that i was in was predominantly a theater school and so that was the training that i i had there as you said going to this cornell a shakespeare summer which was actually it was it was. It was the national data of great britain in cornell But that he knows so. Much of my focus was towards doing theater. Even though i knew that i also wanted to fill. I think I definitely wanted to start there. And and so An i imagined that they would. It felt like a more realistic jumping off point for me to to both parts of the industry theater and film. From new york's and necessarily la. I just didn't feel like an an. La pride just felt like i wouldn't fit there. Sure well i think the crazy thing about new york is that you can have great success in off broadway even on broadway for some people Productions and yet you're not going to your style of living may not change very much and in fact. This is sort of what you experience. I think right with the the first of the brakes. That i'm going to pro kind of just bring up here. I guess mary-louise parker get sick. Has to drop out of something that had really means. Parker decided to jump off the show to go and do a canyon. What what was that movie. Not coldwater canyon members. No not laurel canyon. I can't remember she just runs. She jumped up production two weeks into the four weeks of rehearsal to do a film. It was good. And because i had a british accent already i came in and even though i'd had no experience out of college pretty much they they hired me and you know you win a theater world award. You get all kinds of claim but at the end of the day you're still waitressing on the at the same time right. That's new york new york. Was this something that kind of forced you to reconsider your position about l. a. Because i screen acting for all of its you know things that are maybe less fulfilling than than stage acting does pay a little better right now so much that it was because i met a guy i'd gone up to The long war orphan done Another british production of the philanthropist and met a fellow actor and so i was basically just going out to los angeles to to stay with him for for a couple of weeks to visit him. And i ended up selling my return ticket which used to be able to do in those days. You could literally sell. You could sell your return flight. I mean what world.

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