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Stop fifty three year old Kelvin Jones charged after being questioned on the same day. Police released a surveillance photo of the suspect Jones's accused of coming up behind the woman attempting to kidnap her at knifepoint police say she was slashed in the face while fighting off the attack by using some type of stun gun. He's charged with first degree kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon. Inflicting serious injury. New details are out about that lion attack that killed the internet of Caswell county animal preserve in December. Only and we'll reports a large ball was blocking the lion's cage gate from closing allowing it to escape an attack. The Indiana woman at twenty two year old attacked while learning to clean, the enclosure outside the pen WROL TV, citing authorities say the autopsy also showed Alex black died from a significant loss of blood emergency responders. I tried to force the lion off with a hose and eventually. Shop the lion. Several times killing him a unique legal case in Wisconsin involving a judges use of a social media site. And it's now before the state's appellate court should a judge accept a Facebook friend request from those involved in cases here she is overseeing a state appeals court in Wisconsin says that amounts to bias. The ruling comes after Barron county Circuit Judge, Michael bitney. It's up to the two thousand seventeen friend requests from Angela Carol this up to she asked him to modify her son's custody arrangement. Carol light eighteen of the judges Facebook posts, and he ultimately ruled in her favor. You pellet court now finding a reasonable person would question judge britney's ability to be fair, Tom Graham, Fox News WBZ news time four zero two. I know for a fact is you've driven around Charlotte. You've driven right past a woody's auto service because they're here there and everywhere there's eleven of them. They've been around for fifty six years and they've been.

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