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Didn't get a lot of practice in so my cave. You want me to suck this. I'm going to need to like be able to practice and So I started calling all the manufacturers that make us different rigs but we were two weeks behind. Because you know we we just behind instead of people that already dot up all their inventory. How the Larson's home? The everybody in their brother had bought out everybody systems and so. I couldn't really find anything could find anything. Turn key race engineer at front road. He had already ordered some pedals wheels for himself and he had a computer at his house. And he's like well just dinner. Sow Sledge's welded chassis. And we'll see we'll just do it ourselves and All easier said than done but yeah the front row is my my thirty four crew. Did build a chassis and We got everything set up and right before everything got shut down. We were able to get to my house and finished building a house worth realign the glitches and things like that but by Friday of last week I had one set of her house and was able to practice a little bit more and we ran. Texas stood in. Now that I've had more time hopefully run better bristol than I did it Texas so but yeah really thankful that they're able to do that and one of my house mall shut up and so however long. I'm stuck here I'll be able to drive another funny thing that you tweeted was when it came to Texas. You said well if I flip virtually it won't hurt and I appreciate it the humor in that but it made me think. Obviously that was a moment. Many people will always remember. Is it something that fans still ask you about? Oh yeah all the time. Yeah I mean it's for sure it's something that fans remember and Yeah it's just one of those moments that I think that you know I certainly won't forget and and most people that watch during that time or were there don't and you know it doesn't bother me either. It's not like there's like two sides of it is one is it doesn't make. It's not embarrassing for you know. It's not something that I'm like. I don't WanNa talk about because if you raise long enough you're gonNA crash in a normal. You don't do it by yourself but it happens and the other side of it is that you know to me to be able to walk away from it and to still be here whatever. It is thirteen years racing. doesn't define my career either right like if I'd be everybody's highlight but I lost thirteen years after that off of being able to do my job well and get the most out of whatever situation I've been in so doesn't like haunt me or or make me feel embarrassed about it or or I don't WanNa talk about it right. Yeah it's good. You just take it in stride right. Yeah Yeah all right Michael. Let me get you out of here. One last question circling back around to our real racing when we get back on track whenever that may be do you know when I don't I wish I did. In my optimism. Optimism balloon has been popped really. Yeah so when we get back to racing when you go from competing for a couple of weeks competing for a month and then you have an unexpected hiatus. Do you think you'll have like some rust to knock off or will it just be like kind of coming out of the off season? What what do you expect? The feeling will be like when we go back racing after an unexpected and an undetermined amount of time. Unlike where when you have an off weekend or you have off season. You know you can prepare you know when you're going to be racing again. How different will it be to jump back in a car after something like this? Well I want to answer that question. Nearly so our sport definitely has a lot of confidence in him as a big equation and that happens throughout the season. Good race last. Wants to change all those all those things get better salts. Rust Call Rust. I think that we've lost along with them. That feel that you want to build up on those things asked Palestine and go into the off season and you start fresh. But I don't think you'll be rusty. I mean we we go the you know the entire off season and are able to to turn on the light switch and go so. I don't feel like it will be a lot of just getting the skewed that there's a lot of CEO and just not just communication and just flow of practice and everybody will have to work through that again. You know but yeah yeah same for everybody and so we'll see. Who Does the best? It's GONNA be interesting isn't it? We're all going to be Ready to go back racing and it's just going to be interesting when we finally get to do it. Absolutely well Michael. I appreciate the time today. I've enjoyed our chat and good luck with the virtual learning and I hope everybody stays station. Thank you all right as I wrap up this episode. Let Me Express my thanks again to Michael for taking the time to entertain me on the podcast as our racing hiatus continues and thank you as well to Mack Matt Lloyd of Front Row motorsports for coordinating our chat. Before I leave you. I wanted to remind you of a few different podcasts. Go look for deb. Williams podcast racing now and then deb is doing a great job getting her podcast going. It's a couple of years old now so I hope you give it a listen and support deb as she provides everyone with some great racing content. In fact. If podcast what you're looking for I should also tell you about a new one from Kris medlen my racer colleague who covers Formula One. Chris has recently launched the podcast. That is not a podcast podcast. I love the name. I think it's great creativity. So if you're an F. One Fan make sure you follow Kris medlen and go check out his podcast. But of course the guy who continues to put us all to shame with how good he is it everything he does is Marshall Pruitt and other one of my race or colleagues INDYCAR IMSA whatever you may be looking for. Follow Marshall and check out the Marshall Pruitt podcast. Actually I think he has more than one. But don't hold me to that Speaking of my podcast. I've seen some great reviews and ratings and feedback recently so I thank you for that. Please continue to spread the word and I will continue to bring you some fun guests and speaking of guests. We've got good ones coming up. Stephen Tart will be next on our agenda as we catch up with the former crew chief turned NBC sports broadcaster. That was a really really good conversation about how he's doing. During this hiatus and we dig into now what has been a couple years since making that transition from crew chief broadcaster. A lot of good stuff with Steve Catching up with him. But if you want fun and entertaining than you need to go to Brendan Gone Right. Uncle Brennan is also coming up on the PODCASTS. So make sure you and your friends are subscribed. You will not want to miss that. His honesty his fun. Everything as we reflect on his career because he is getting ready to hang up the helmet after the season last couple races for Brennan gone. So that's what's coming up. Thank you for listening. And I'll see you next week. Here on the racing writers podcasts..

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