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Sure. There isn't a cry for help. I will not have any conspiracy theories on this podcast julia. Please and thank you. Jordan specifically told me not to spread misinformation on his bod- so thomas mentally discovered this leaded gasoline solution to the knocking problem. Nineteen twenty one. He was working for general motors and he ended up coming down with lead poisoning during the planning of the project however he really wanted to make a lot of money and so to demonstrate the safety of the compound to investors. He poured some gasoline on his hand. And then he inhaled fumes from it from sixty seconds to demonstrate safety and then well recovering from lead poisoning from. This had a phone conversation with his colleague about how much money they were going to make. Fun greed kills. Yes it does. I will be getting to that. Additionally the toxic effects of lead were well known at the time and they'd been known since the roman times but midgely believed that the amount of lead particles expelled by engine. Exhaust would not pose a threat to public health and so hundreds of thousands of tons of lead were expelled into the atmosphere from the gasoline that he made also of note during the manufacturing process seven. People died in thirty three. Were hospitalized at one refinery in new jersey. Ten more were killed at dupont facility. And at least two died with forty hospitalized in dayton while they were making it yes in nineteen twenty. Four in ninety. Oh my god yup honestly. I'm not surprised. People were always just killing each other for science in one thousand nine hundred eighty four sounds exactly right see but it wasn't even science 'cause they knew what it would do care so that was the original creation before they add like the recipe or whatever or just a normal process of making it the normal process of making mike. Yup like if they have to be there at all yet petroleum's volatile and so it does give off vapors in so if you're working with it and there's bled in its than the lead will give out vapors as shown by midgely poisoning himself. Try demonstrate safety right so if you work fulltime in a factory that does that. You're likely get poisoned. this happened. Nineteen twenty four lead with fully banned in one thousand nine hundred five right. So majorly successfully poisoned three entire generate cool. Who and the entire time that this fiasco was occurring. There were several other viable solutions to solve. Engine knocking higher octane fuels and adding ethanol to gasoline. Can you guess why neither of these were used. They were too expensive. Yes less prophets called it. What a surprise another fun fact is one of the companies involved inception and marketing of lead gasoline. That went into business with gm was exxon mobil under a different name. Currently exxonmobil's one of the largest companies in the world They have financed by spread climate. Change denial and recent documents leaked that exxon mobil a multinational oil company is planning to increase their carbon emissions by seventeen percent by twenty twenty five. Did you know that in like nineteen o nine. Jd rockefellers company standard oil. Which was one of the early ones. It was so big that teddy roosevelt was like your company is too big and they broke it up into four companies. That's how big it was. It's crate sorry. I'm stealing your thunder continue. Note like i just had a final fun. fact that Be themselves. yeah yeah. I mean we should also mention that they are the people responsible for the oil spill. Yeah which one exam valdez. One of the worst ones in history they also have frequently violated human rights and they should be broken up by antitrust laws in the owners operators jailed so unsurprisingly profits for oil companies sword when oil was invented not unlike how profits are soaring narrow during the global pandemic..

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