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They can't clear on the other side. I don't I never understood that, you know, you're not. Okay. So really all you're gonna do is blocked. The entire intersection. Do you really have to make that yellow light? And go up truly, you're only advancing maybe one car length. And is it really going to get you there? And there are moments when it's clear that you are going to be stuck in the million or section, and then I think psychologically, it has a ripple effect because in the people the cross traffic then goes, well, I'm getting to get the intersection. And so now everyone's in the intersex. Yes. And then decorates gridlock, and that has nothing. Nothing to do with the cyclist. No. So I mean, I think there's a lot of different things that we individually do that don't help. I think that structurally. We have a lot of problems when it comes to our expressways. And I think that the share bright programs are exacerbating that I think so too. That's a huge part of this this puzzle. Because if there are that many drivers out on the road just waiting for fairs, and it does seem as coincides when it starts to really flood at around three o'clock daylight today with a bears game because a lot of people only dry for the shared ride programs when there's going to be an event, right? When they know they can make more money. I was surprised the women that were on Brian Newnan show. They were talking about how they they Jack up the prices they have these surges. Yeah. And so like maybe a fair that like is is now four times as much as two hundred five dollars. They said the driver will get maybe fifty five dollars of that. So the surge isn't even going to the drivers which holy cow. So I'm a fan of using the reason I like shared rides is because of the ease of use with the apps bright, I like the ability to track. Track. The right, right. So you have a map, you know. Exactly. What? Route your driver took you can you can tell whether or not they went the wrong way. Or if they went out of the, you know, the pattern they should have gone with a cab ride. And again, my dad was a cabbie for fifty years. And it was a different profession that used to be that used to be a profession. Right. He would dress professionally black slacks and a white collared shirt, and he would help you with your suitcase, and you would open the door for women in CAD, the cab industry is no longer that. No. And I I can't I don't I can't get into caps age in the same way. And after going in in an Uber analyst. I mean, quite honestly. And again, that's just my opinion just from using both over the years. At least today nowadays, you lifts are cleaner. They're nicer it's door to door. I feel safer. I it just which is weird because we're just getting at some stranger's car. I know anyway. Took cabs for years and years anyway, this we're just wondering wondering about the traffic more in a moment on the show with Andrea darlas back..

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