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So these guys are getting housed. And there's this whole point of. Well, well, what are you supposed to do? And there are colleges that have taken people off stage. As a matter of fact, our colleges that now have. Contracts that say, you won't say anything, that's meaner, nastier, bigoted or this. Well, comedy, very often is about piercing puncturing. We really do miss Lenny. Bruce, don't we? Who's out there to do just that? There is a comic by the name of Hagen. H A G E N. A first name in involved. I only know the name Hagen. She demanded that every venue on her dead baby frog tour. Dead baby frog. She demanded that the venues rang Zayed's safe, meaning audience members with anxiety could be allowed into the venue before others arrived or warned of any words or topics that might be triggering for them. It may they made sure it had trans gender neutral bathrooms, and we're wheelchair accessible. This is the stuff that comics are doing. Well, the the the pieces is stand up comedy doomed and one of the people they talk about is Louis C K. Now, I have never understood the anger Louis C K. Don't get me wrong. Louis C K is into something that I think is pretty weird. Louis C K likes to enjoy himself in front of other women. It's the best best lacking. Guys. I'm sorry. It's the best. I can come up with. And he would ask women. Hey, can I do this? Some of those women were other comics, and they felt pressured because Louis C K was a big deal on comedy. And maybe.

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