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The team owners problem like it's not jeff bezos is problem or any other ceo's it's not their problem their business is making sure that their audience is respected and continues to come to buy the product so here's here's a solution this guy named william yori who wrote a book called good getting to yes years ago it's talking all kinds of business schools there's this idea of going to something called the balcony for a different idea fresh perspective here's a fresh perspective what you do is you reframe the whole thing this is what the owners should have done yesterday instead of making it about the national anthem they should have made it about the audience the rule should say something like teams in their players in their employees show respect the put of the paying public yet stadiums to watch our games should respect the people in the audience whether it's in person or on television by standing during all pre game ceremonies that would solve reframe it about the audience because those are the people that are paying the bills those are the people that are are getting angry and those people are the ones who are are are staying away from the games professor blackstone well i i would say i hear your sentiment but i would also suggest that those fans are are often the ones who are on their cell phones during the playing of the national anthem they are in the beer line being served beverages by employees of of that franchise which are looking to make money their behavior during the national anthem is not at all being policed and they are not in all in jeopardy as to how they behave during the national anthem.

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