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And stripes honor flight and I mentioned the phone number tell you a little bit about it probably one or two times at this hour and that are the next I want to move on to discuss some interesting takes on what's going out of the Democratic Party and how they ended up with and I mentioned yesterday's program that this was the obvious to me that race but it wasn't off he said till after it happened but know that it happened what an operator it's going to be Sanders and Biden the two best known Democrats that are riding Sanders essentially finished second to Hillary and usually what happens when a president is term limited out like a Bible was his vice president becomes the heir apparent very much like the first bush who followed Reagan you know it's his turn it cetera Biden Justin Reid in sixty eight so the guy who's Turner wasn't sixteen waits until twenty and the guy who finished second in sixteen they run yes I had a hard time processing it because most of them seem to be such terrible candidates but as we've said slurred they're all terrible candidates it's like I say it a bad division in football in the end somebody's got to win it too bad basketball teams played a game there's going to be a winner as you know I read on my program allowed Daniel had injures weekly column in the Wall Street journal and as I mentioned each time I never fully agree with headed your but I think he's got a very interesting take plus he's a very good writer and he draws conclusions in this case I think in my opinion he's overstating the Democrats repudiating socialism I think they get it I think he overstated but his take is interesting and I want to share with you under the headline socialism just bobbed headed your rights Joe Biden back from the dead Joe Biden's back from the dead primary wins this week were remarkable but they aren't the biggest story super Tuesday was a wake up call for this country's understanding of who we are and what we want from our politics and culture before the voting began Tuesday it was conventional wisdom more like an article of faith but something called progressivism was on the March in the United States sweeping aside decades if not centuries of belief history and tradition with the new agenda of wokeness identity politics and socialism it's political vessel the past four years has been senator Bernie Sanders visible but primary public this movement's primary political weapon is not persuasion but intimidation starting in the universities and spreading to politics and the private sector progressivism uses social media platforms to assert fall in line with our views or we will isolate and discredit you with moralistic shaving it was working hark back to the first democratic presidential debate in June when the contestants included the likes of Kamala Harris Lori Booker is the Gillibrand and Julian Castro it was striking to see these democratic politicians Hey I'll be essence in varying degrees to wokeness to Sanders's Medicare for all or Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is green new deal or the idea that police racism was rampant across the US the high point of Harris's campaign was her attacker Joe Biden that night for working with segregationist southern senators in the nineteen seventies I do not believe you are racist she allowed in November Booker mocked by for not supporting another woke article of faith marijuana legalization I thought you might have been a high when you said it Booker laughed Biden could have said he understood a lot about the devastations of drug addiction but he let it pass and health care Sanders and senator Elizabeth Warren dominated the debates and media coverage as they pushed nationalizing the U. S. system with Biden left issue played have defenses of Barack Obama's affordable Care Act opinion polls this year had cracked Bernie's inexorably rise in Biden's the Clyde yes what the voters still get the last word it's almost hard to believe anymore maybe it's time to stop confusing social media with reality it's good lied by super Tuesday upset should be regarded as the voters second recent push back against conventional political wisdom the first of course was Donald trump's win in twenty sixteen super Tuesday's vote was a victory for moderates well twelve thousand sixteen was a win for conservatives and dissenters in general grass is however much they dominate the culture keep losing big competitive elections more primaries I had and it is an obvious Biden can achieve the delegate majority before the Milwaukee convention but it's also less obvious where our house Sanders closes the gap or expand his base this isn't a trump read you yes he prevailed in California let me stop I was waiting to see how he does address the California thing because it does fly in the face of this notion that the Democrats rejected socialism given the fact that Sanders carried the large not only the largest state in the union an overwhelmingly democratic state zillions of democratic voters here's heminger sport yes he prevailed in California but California became a socialist state years ago that's it California's already socialist head injures point is he's right so for them this wasn't a late this is me now and I had a jury should be clear for California choosing a socialist president like Sanders is that a late they're already socialist back to a scallop California's one party progressivism does not have much in common with big primary states the cub Michigan Florida Ohio Pennsylvania Biden's two most notable wins may have bad Virginia and Massachusetts where he handily carried both a moderate black vote enter suburbanites these two groups are starting to look like the democratic party's version of taken for granted deplorables let me interject he's referring them to them here as the democratic equivalent of the deplorables abode for Donald Trump the Democrats have done so much embracing radicals that they have forgotten that their border voter base is suburban weapon an African American this is where their votes actually come from back to the head and your column those two groups are starting to look like the Democrat party's version of taken for granted deplorables when Sanders rants about the greed and corruption of industry after American industry as he did Tuesday night Democrats have any color who are actually employed by these companies health insurance at all may conclude he's talking about the Arab socialism can command primetime but working day Democrats don't look like they're ready for it South Carolina representative Jim Clyburn's eleventh hour endorsement of Biden is rightly seen as an appeal for the democratic quote establishment Bernice word to circle the wagons bot but Clyburn said about the party's progressives is even more noteworthy now let me interject hybrid is the house democratic whip it was his endorsement he's in South Carolina was his endorsement by a couple of days before the South Carolina primary that I think turned around the democratic race and help my team win South Carolina by a landslide which will turn out to be other than the general election itself the most important political event I think it's twenty twenty back to the column he quotes now Cliburn when he endorsed by can quote with all due respect everybody is talking about the squad this of the squad bad Clyburn said referencing the media's elevation of Ocasio Cortez and three other first term house progressives receded delay be allowed all marani on a Presley he went on quote there is not a single person who put us in the majority who supports Medicare for all he doesn't think the idea will fly with rank and file voters quote we would be stupid to say to them the hell with you all we're gonna go with these four people who didn't flip no Seitz Cliburn in the way he talks I headed your pulls out that quote from club and that's what he said in addressing Biden I have been this is me again now and I had a job I have been commenting really ever since A. O. C. and that gave a Marxist got elected two years ago wondering when the Democratic Party was gonna fight back and smacked them dial how many times have you heard me say this what are they going to do it and instead it was this rolling offering caving here Nancy Pelosi tried to scold them only have to go on power and fear are finally Clyburn who represents an overwhelmingly democratic district with rob forever he did it in the form of his endorsement of Biden said look these they they they got elected extremely liberal democratic districts anyway they didn't slip any districts they're not anything would be crazy to listen to them in a bad to the whole party well what took you so long fibered edged out notice that he get it there's no pushback the A. O. sees a bit pretty kind of humbled by this whole thing with Brady got his clock cleaned have a day I'll mention that it took Clyburn a Biden supported to do it Biden didn't have the guts to do it himself and if he had Daddy would have screwed it all up the price if if Joe Biden tried to attack a see who knows who he be attacked unitech AOL imagine if attacking yell handlebar think always Holly butcher that thing but he couldn't keep track his sister and his wife last a Tuesday night did they say about me what would be the switch I guess he meant that when he walked out one was that one side or the other was that the I think that's what he meant Joe he looked first it still didn't get it right it's like get it let me get back to Hannah just column as I said it's very thought provoking heminger continues one issue unites the entirety of the Democrats demott demographic defeat Donald Trump Joe Biden hardly a commanding presence is a proxy for democratic voters pragmatism and their doubts about Sanders socialism and the American left meanwhile back at the ranch trump spent Tuesday night tweeting insults about the party's candidates many Mike could because the complete destruction of his represent average reputation and the results were a rare perfect storm for sleeping gel storm warning is more like it if the seriousness of purpose and turn out displayed by democratic voters this Tuesday carries forward in November we're going to have a drum tight closely contested presidential election now let's head injures calling the Democratic Party woke up they walked up in droves they decided to circle the wagons around Joe Biden he is their vehicle and the Republicans are not going to be able to run against a party of radicals anyway because the result of Tuesday made it clear that the radicals got slapped right down by democratic voters there is some truth to that however and it always takes me to be the however I don't think there's one chance and you know what that they're going to stay with their lips sept AOC is incapable of keeping our multi shot Sanders himself in his reaction clearly devastated still struggle ward I think Bernie Sanders is shocked that he didn't get for all these huge crowds that he asked turning out if you look at the exit polling at a number the democratic states the democratic groups that keep voted the least was young voters in other words the ones it's sad is expected to turn out in droves for him you know what the explanation for that is a lot of these young people are willing to help comment on social media about how much they love birdie are they willing to actually go vote.

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