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So it is a lot of you know social media is a large part of it which is something she brings up i i'm sam sam or shaniqua i feel like i should just call her shaniqua 'cause i'm not gonna play into her games on shaniqua has this thing that she wants through you it comes up in another episode basically it's like a it's like a selfie mirror it's like a full length mirror that is like hooked up to the internet it's like digitized and basically it's in lieu of having a camera person manning a photo booth it is a digital photo booth so that is like a new hot thing the hashtags the the inst the snapchat filters specially for the day you know social media branding is oddly a very huge part of it that's what i'm troubled by a feel like that's the new concern now is when you start dating someone you're immediately thinking about how clever your hashtag would be if in the event you decide to get married listen this is my advice which means not being but this is what i say because i've been to so many damn writings knowing gives two shits about the favors noone cares about your table sconces no one cares about your table innings all they care about is one is there a bar it cannot be a cash bar added be an open guide there has to be some enjoyable music if you get full lubricated enough they won't even care what the music is just have raised for at least an hour and a half the food has to be edible no one's no one's gonna talk a week later about the stuff chicken with rice pilaf they'll care while they're eating you know is this edible but it's just gotta be moderately good they only care about the music the alcohol and of course if the married couple is is happy best suited i wanted another outside of that no one really gives two shits no one's paying adulation the bride's maid's dresses.

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