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So we're going going if I can give the award myself. I would probably give it to a quiet place for that reason. Or for that matter? I I agree with you change our minds at all. Now, I'm still sticking official. Why see pick is bohemian rhapsody? Although I acknowledge that Scott has a great point with a quiet place. And I still think I man has has a decent chunk. It definitely does. And I think I will have a better shot at another aboard that will get to. Okay. I man in these two sound categories. I was busy debating between bohemian. And I man in both of them. I up going with bohemian move off the sound mixing and said sound mixing for Black Panther bohemian rhapsody. I man Roma and a star is born Perry. Would you go with this not because this is Jeff's tactic? But I really did go with bogeyman wraps the in both sound categories. That's my pick for mixing as well. Jeff, I won't beaming rhapsody again both categories I really wish star is born was winning this. But I don't think you can argue with just the box officer. This is the this is the biggest performing drama of all time the most successful drama of all time. I I'm going with bugging me and rhapsody in this category in sound mixing also because at the cinema audience aside. Re recording mixer Paul Nazi did win that award for live action. So that's that was for. So we definitely has the edge over I man in this category in this category. Saying okay, let's move on the next category is production design real quick the nominees. Black Panther the favorite. I man Mary Poppins returns and rolm a Jeff would you go with production design going with the favorites on this one? I just thought that those long hallways and the grounds and everything I thought it was great. I know what kinda is lurking here the production designed behind that whole world. But yeah, I gotta go with parak- going back to our conversation about costume design. I'm basically flipping my answer here. And I'm giving it to the favourite again. I think that the production design in that movie served the story and the character arc so beautifully. And it's so beautifully shot too. But this is my pick for production design, the favor favorite. So that's that's my favorite in this category. Is. Along with you. Both of us. So we all are in cahoots with the favourite for production design. Now, we move on to foreign language film. Now, this is really up between two films here, which one did you go with Jeff Roma? Okay. Why not a coldest and there's going to be plenty. I know that there's going to be plenty of people voting for Roma for best picture, you think that theoretically, those people would also vote for Roma for foreign language or the people who aren't voting for Roma for best picture are giving it some kind of makeup award in foreign language. I just don't see how Cold War has the stuff to overtake it. I know it kind of cinematography and director nod I I like to run away with this, Harry Jeff on this. I'm giving it to Roma, and I'm going to keep some of my thoughts to myself right now and save it for a different category coming later in the show, but I'm locking in Roma. Cold War is the only possible upset, but I don't really think it is. I agree. I think Rome is the one that beat here, and listen all three all three cat all twenty three categories, except for best picture are just voted for whatever gets the most, folks. Best picture is a different deal with discuss this on on another show previ- show that we did here in collateral flossy. But I agree for the reasons that both of you pointed out roll man will win. Did you did you like Roman more than Cold War? I like drama more call ward. Yeah. How about you Perry? I still haven't seen Cold War on I'm taking it with me to Hawaii this week. Opted to finally catch up on at eternity gate this weekend. Okay. Well, that's all gave all the shorts. Oh, grandma. Stalled. No, I'm so excited away on that finally gone to best actress in a supporting role, Amy Adams, marina de Tavira surprise nominee of Regina king and a stone virtual lice Perry. Really this one seems like a no brainer to me or Jean King. Even though she didn't win everything across the board the two things she didn't win. We're things she wasn't even nominated for. I really do think she's going to run away with us. Jeff, I think so too. I just don't think any of the other performances are strong enough to win and Oscar and Regina kings. It's really the only one that is. And so she takes it. I completely agree on all counts. Yeah. She I mean, she didn't win at the sag awards. She wasn't nominated actress. But Emily blunt was and like what blend that award, and I was very very happy about her. Supporting actress win for a quiet place their best. All right. This is work. It's very tricky. I have to say, I always mess up my Bali on the shorts. I one not this first one though, right? Best animated short film, and the winner will be Perry bow. So regardless of what I think of some of these other ones that I watched that is the one that is undoubtedly the most seen in this entire category. And I think that's the reason it's going to run away with it. Jeff pecan to me is going to go Tobel going about about. And also, listen, the Adamy that's short bowel was better than the feature film, the fouled it which was a credible to and I love the credible to I'm not dissing. Incredible. To it sounded inside move into the next category, which is animated feature film where incredible to us nominated along with isle of dogs Marai. Ralph breaks the internet and Spiderman into the spite of ours Perry here is another done deal. This is spider versus award. It has. I mean really has it lost anything entire season? It gets one win after the next. It has this locked is it a done deal because Chris tablet says there could be an upset Sierra. I love Chris path giving way too much credit here. Now, I'm just saying. The upset be credible. To know Spiderman has this. I I went to lunch with a big producer. And I asked him like, what was your favorite film this year? And he was like, honestly the film. I was most impressed by was the animated Spiderman movie had been behind that. I would be really happy with it has won almost everything. Would it didn't win. What's at the cinema audio society awards the animated feature actually went to isle of dogs. But every other of were including the Annie awards where it was nominated for seven any awards, and it won all seven. Four including best feet, the best animated feature this spider. Verse movie, does whatever a spider can. And then some that's the pick here. Now, we're getting into a category that all visual effects Perry. I am going with the ventures Infinity war one and mainly because of how well it did with the visual effects society awards. That's kind of what tipped the scale for me. If I was personally picking an movie to give this honor to it would be I man, but I also think that Infinity war is deserving of this nomination. But personally when it comes to me assessing visual effects in the movie in a movie, I tend to be a little more wowed by visual effects that I don't realize are actually visual effects. If you know what I'm saying. I it's big gigantic super hair pieces. That's my personal opinion flat Panthers not nominated here. So I'm gonna go with the other marvel movie and agree with Perry of vendors. Infinity war takes it. I think just a lot of these words are not necessarily best whatever it is much as as it is most whatever it is. And there's just so many visual effects and Infinity war. I man it's a lot more subtle as good as the work is in that film. I just don't think that it, you know, it's not quite as memorable as Infinity word, the subtlety of first man is why I think I man will actually win because I agree with your points on I agree with your points and avengers. I mean, it's a big splashy superhero movie throws in everything including the kitchen sink, and what a payoff, I mean, it's a great great superhero movie special effects are incredible. But the subtleties of making a film about the Pol eleven like this. Get think about that. You know, they don't make Saturn five rockets anymore. And that launch was amazing. The walk on the moon was amazing the scene in the fifteen in the beginning of the movie where he skipping in the atmosphere. There's so much to the film where you really don't realize like are these really special effects is like actual footage the documentary on Apollo eleven. I mean, I'm not calling you crazy here. So discuss argument pull you to the dark side. Wait. Maybe you're the Dr signed not enough. I really do think that the decline in buzz regarding everything with I man of over the course the entire award season. Even though it got the nominations. I still get the feeling like it's not going to walk away with any wins. Someone else was making the argument on behalf of first man, I'd be inclined to listen more. But because it's Scott man's. I think he's being blinded by his love for Damian Chazelle. I don't think that the kademi talking about love for Damian Chazelle, and I don't not subtle about this. You know, I'm still vendors. To work on with the ventures and a nine problems loaded. I audibly voting with my heart on this one. But I am voting as well. So that's okay. On the show, everyone watching everyone watching hit me up on Twitter right now at movie, Matt's flabby note that you think I'm crazy for picking. I man for visual effects where you go in with these guys p number off or the Snyder tweet them, let us know what you think is going to win into comments tweet us. Let us know. Okay. I'm going with. I man here. Okay. I mean, okay. Let's show along there's renew Hubert kale, film editing, film editing. This is this is a very very big category. Here I think because of one film particular that was really truly saved by an editor who you voting for on editing Perry. I know what you're getting at here. And it's a good point. I this was one of the ones that I was having the most trouble with and I think what wound up tipping the scale for me in the end was the BAFTA which would make my pick vice. Okay. All right. I'm going. I this is another category. That's very tough here. You know? I think at the you're right at the editor's kind of want to make a hero out of John. Who's? Yes. However, I'm going with Perry. I think that vice in Hank Corwin are going to get it. I think it's like I said before it's not necessarily the best. But it's the most ending vite tasks that really. It's a flashy kind of style Heenan rhapsody. I dunno. If it was a new editor, I think it would stand a better chance, but Jonah Edelman who sort of been around singer for his entire run yet. The whole situation is tainted him a little bit. I think he's going to suffer the concentrate. I think that that jot Ogden's win at the ace Eddie awards four bohemian rhapsody is a strong signal that people recognize especially academy voters recognize everyone knows everyone knows Brian single was let go with two weeks left to go. And everybody knows that Dexter Fletcher came into direct those last two weeks, but everybody also knows that John Otten really did he had wrapped his head around the film. You know, he had a rhythm with singer after working with back in the Senate is the biggest drama ever. So listen, you're you're totally right. That's why here on my sheet is like one of the toughest races of night for me film editing in this category. Is this year's second. Best. Rector category. And I think that you know, it's weird question though are voters because it's the kademi at large. It's going to be voting for this award right there voters really gonna take their cues

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