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Qa podcast channel. I'm one Carlos bag now. Some gadget the guy the S G G of this terribly name podcast series in the Qa stands for question and answer. I like to make these interactive discussions fun conversations to start off off our week and we're GONNA be leaning hard on the QA. Today I have no show notes. I have no plans We're we're we're doing it live. We're doing this on the fly. I this is going to be another fun. loopy podcast my wife and I. We spent fifteen hours in the car yesterday with With a very strong willed toddler a four year old. Who I I? I don't think enjoyed being in the car for almost fifteen hours yesterday. And this is coming off of the tail end of a week of travel. So we we were way off our schedules way off our sleep and it was a mad dash to get home too so we could sleep in our own beds we we're sort of inbetween pockets of storms and there were some alerts and some warnings and maybe we might get some more snow. Do we totally didn't get more snow but it it was It was pretty great already seeing some some crazy awesome traffic here in the live. Chat Steve Q.. Three Becker Matt Tyler Gary the firemen All LFA missed you bud at some gadget. I hope you had an awesome week with your family. I mean Thanksgiving Wchs giving is our holiday. I might have to subject you to some to like some home movies about. We do of how we due Thanksgiving up. 'CAUSE WE DO Thanksgiving up right. It was a it was a delightful week several days between visiting my my family and my wife's family we didn't even have coverage apparently rural New Mexico doesn't have the most robust data network and infrastructure thorough. Couple of days. There right. I'm just my phone was a camera because it's all a good. Do Matt Tyler fifteen hours man. The US is massive. So okay I the drive from Los Angeles to Albuquerque is fourteen gene and change if you followed the the the posted speed limits and then you have to account for taking a stop stretching your your legs getting out letting your your your daughter run around and be crazy for a little bit. I actually I gotta say so Lexus. Four years old that that is a that is a bit of a hall we had planned to stop about halfway. Grab a hotel. Get some sleep but we were feeling pretty. Good My wife and I we got real ambitious vicious We we sort of had a conversation with legs. Letting her know what was going to happen. She was very displeased because she wanted to stay in a hotel. And so we I had an old tablet and we fired up the movie and let her watch A couple of movies. That kinda calmed some of the angst. We did get into a bit of a screaming. Fit As we were nearing Bar Sto but we were all. We were pretty confident. She was just hired snacks and she wanted like a real meal. She was hungry. And so what we had was a h- angry toddler and So we we stopped embargo. That's a what is it. That's roughly three hours from where we live so it was like the last stage. You know we've been in the CAR Harford. Twelve hours ish and We're getting into the home stretch. We stop we pulled to a Panera bread. They have MAC and cheese he's LEX IS ECSTATIC. She's out of the car and eating Mac and cheese and all what's right with the world so after having just recently Lee been screaming and throwing kind of a bit of a temper Tantrum. We get her back into the car. After eating heard adult sized portion of Mac and cheese just she had a spoon a fork and it it was like I was motion blur as she was shoveling this Mac and cheese into her mouth even with the snacks. I mean it wasn't like we starved. Her I mean we had food on the road is just you wanted a meal so we get into the car. She's been playing this game where she's a pirate and she even talks with a little pirate voices. They're going after the bandits. We'll be looking for the buried treasure. Her we play that game for about five minutes and then she goes pirate. Mommy Pirate Daddy. I'm tired I love you more than all. Oh the treasurer buried around the world. But I'm going to bed and then she just went to sleep. This is like never happened before. LEX never just goes to sleep on her own. It's always a bit of a cajoling. Her leading burn herself out but she was content. Jetta a full stomach. She was wrapped up in my Hoodie and blankets. You know the air was cool but the heater was on our feet so the car was warm and we just got that one lovely moment of the most content toddler ever telling us she loved us more than all the buried treasure around the world and then then we made the bandits walk the plank so it was a it was actually I mean there is a middle section of the drive that was rough but I love desert driving like when they're CAS. I like to drive from L.. A. TO VEGAS because it's just I love that mountain desert driving same thing Arizona's a bit rough. They love pulling over cars with out of state plates. So you set your cruise control to one mile under the speed limit and just ride it out but New Mexico Driving California driving having high desert driving is just lovely. I mean that's that's where you get that old sense of route sixty six and the the freedom of the open road and I love it. I mean I genuinely only enjoy it. You put on some cool music. I you know my wife and I got to have brilliant conversations about movies TV and music and what we're GonNa do with our family the and you know the the vacation we just had so it was actually a really nice day but I'm exhausted was it was a along along Dr Let me get this out of the way here from Alaa Hassan Sixty one on periscope scope saying Hello John Nixon. Yeah People Steve Q.. Three Becker he also had a vacation he's back from a weeklong cruise. We got a couple of photos from him on the The Patriots it looks like he had a good time to love. Lev Lavon ask Joe. Hey One how was your thanksgiving. Thanks giving was was phenomenal. Thanksgiving is my holiday in my family. Thanksgiving is roughly three days of prep prep in cooking and then days of leftovers and Thankfully we had enough time to do it upright this year where we were out there we were doing all of the prep work We had a Turkey. We had two different kinds of mashed potatoes. We had Sweet potato with scallions. So they were like cubed roasted sweet potatoes or scallions we do a corn and Broccoli baked dish. It's kind of a corn and Broccoli casserole we We do the Green Bean casserole but we did it with fresh green beans and and My sister made her own mushroom soup. So it was almost this like like almost this I don't I don't know the words failing me now now because I have zero sleep but was just phenomenal. It was like this like mushroom red wine soup. That was super flavorful We did a Pumpkin Pie. We did a Mexican chocolate pecan Pie. That was really good. That was new We we hadn't tried that one before. my dad always smokes a Turkey and my mom always IMPRESA Turkey so we had to smaller Turkeys but for US having tube smaller Turkeys or about pretty big turkeys and then we had ten when people for dinner but then most of the family stuck around so we had two days of leftovers going through everything it was it was pretty remarkable job out asja dot nic pirate going after the bandits aren't the pirates bandits so you have to understand. My daughter loves telling STORIES WHERE VILLAINS WINS learn lessons and become good guys so on her pirate ship. It's her pirate family and we sail the seas looking for buried treasure. But we don't take things from other people because taking things from other people is wrong so then when pirates board our ship we make them walk the plank so they get all wet and then when they get all wet then we can teach them lessons on how to be better so we let them back on the boat after they've learned their lessons and then we can all work together. So it's adorable. I really wish I could say like Oh. I was teaching my daughter how to be a good person. She kinda came up with this scenario on her own so we ran with it. Would it was really cool like my. My Dad sort of jumped right in. We were driving around Albuquerque and she started playing it. Because it's just termination game and my dad. Just kind of you know lieutenant. Colonel Doctor Dad Retired air force just went right into talk about those pirates those bandits and then my daughter had to teach. I'm like well we don't hurt the bandits because we're gonNA teach the bandits and my dad thought that was hilarious. Lebanon's Joe Kids are amazing. Amazing little people they really are Charlie Spirit Song Magon. Jeez Yummy and it was a good. I'm so I haven't been to a panerabread in forever was is the only place where I figured we could get something. That wasn't just another burger and fries because so sick of like doing fast food on road trips. So panerabread isn't like amazing amazing but I was able to get a salad avocado in it Wife got like Turkey Chili and then when we saw Mac and cheese on the menu we we go to the register and the guys you want the kids Mac and cheese. And you're like how big's the ball and he puts up like like this Little Cup Little Cup of Maggie's that's not gonNa work for my daughter she she can eat so get the adult and it is. It's like a platter of Maggie's and we set it down in front of her and like I said just has Manian Devil Motion Blur. That's all we would have been able to get it was it was pretty phenomenal. Talks with TJ one. What was your favorite dish from Thanksgiving? Oh Oh man. That's a tough one. I got to say I think the the family favorite that the one that we've never experimented with The one that we ah we all sort of eliminate I is Is My mom's stuffing so she let's She she makes a sour dough bread. She cuts it up into really thick blocks and she lets go stale. And then it's a it's a variety of different veggies. He's carrots and parsnips. So you know spicy carrots with sausage and A little time a good then a couple little cubes of small fruit like like a little bit of Apple. And you kinda mix all that up together and then it gets cooked in Turkey And it's phenomenal so like you get those big cubes of a st dried out stale sour doges soaking up everything in there and and it's it's super versatile so like you can eat it like a meatloaf you can put it on a sandwich with Turkey. He can make like a Thanksgiving sandwich out of it or you can just like eat it as its own bowl of every food from thanksgiving. So that's that's pretty killer. Mike Corner Brickley came out pretty good this year. It's a a creamed corn where we made our own creamed corn I dice up Chop up fresh Broccoli. A little bit of onion Mix them against you kinda. I'll binds together together and then you top it with Rich crackers and you kind of bake all that and it's this really I mean it's it's a corn Broccoli Broccoli really fresh tasting scoop it out. Goes really good with anything so I was really happy with how that turned out this year. Matt Tyler I had a cheese sandwich. I think I lost the Foodie war. Matt Tyler is out in the UK. I kind of feel like if the UK had to celebrate.

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