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One the okay but I didn't pick Samantha she well here's the woman that I could never obvious that's what exactly because it's boring if it's obvious why mine are better than yours how you want to place it listen to the voice and you will know who it is can hi moms to enjoy our new found friendship well Kerr to make me a sandwich Andorra I asked you to make me a sandwich make it yourself Deborah during you're a self and then choke on it yeah hi Samantha's mother played brilliantly and memorably by the great Agnes Moorehead who had the best number the red hair Natalie and she would just come in and she hated would all Derren Litten got about that character that is degrading she was a great care too big a lesbian Agnes Moorehead was and that was real life or on the show I don't know in real life now she's a famous Hollywood lesbian or get that out thanks for caring well it's always good pour in in this part is that right it was a big a lesbian she lived on Roxbury drive and for some reason you know Peter Falk my pick yesterday's Colombo he lived in Roxbury drive to and I have a friend who lives on north canon drive in Beverly hills and I often stay with her when I'm out in LA and I go for a jog I love jogging along Roxbury drive because you can run by Lucille ball's old house Jack Benny's house Peter fox house and hurry up I want to do my good the winds exist more right so we can we move on I find it okay so my character manages all right out of the winter how Joe well that's a good one all right all right fine the jobs of mine comes in a show that you like the show we.

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