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You like background, vocal airflow now I played New York all the time. I don't care how often you played a York. You don't want me singing a background now, were you on tour with Blondie and Joan Jett? Yeah. A couple years ago, really fun. I did a show with with all both of them. Just just great. I mean, you know, it's funny. I think the the atmosphere's changing now used to be. You can only have one woman like on the radio at a time or one woman that in concert lineup. But nowadays people are getting a little braver and seeing that women headlining doesn't turn men away. So it's they they like rock and roll Joan. Jett Zoe's been one of my favorites. She's bad, never compromise just that's who sushi is and take it or leave it. And you know, I love that, but that's, that's the way you've been to even Deborah Harry with Blondie so, well, it's all the rock and roll feeling. It's like, hey, I know you know, I don't fit your norms but come on rock to this. Let's let's move. So I know you're up here. I think in November in this area. Yeah, yeah. Coming back. Doing my holiday tour. What's that encompass? What's that? That's that's all the hits and all the fun with a some holiday songs put in there. I did. I put out a holiday. I'm a few years ago and it's just a lot of fun. Well, thank you for being a good sport. We appreciate you you, you crush the song and good luck to your fiefs and good luck to your wife's Packers as well, and thank you for joining us. Well, thank you so much. I hope to come by and see in person sometime. That sounds great. I appreciate that. Thank you, Melissa. Thanks guys that similar. Seth Ethridge of course. That was so awesome. Yeah, yeah, that's awesome. That's great. Yeah, pulling, that's so how talented she is that she could pick it up on speakerphone and rock that well, I could hear, you know, just a little bit of the noise of the Qatar and I'm like, oh, damn. She got a good tar. And then you guys didn't ask her to do it. Did you usually we would and ask someone like that to do that, but we did not. That was on volition, and I think because she's a vegan, she wasn't gonna. Do you know our Friday meets on. But we can smoke vegetables. You can do that on the traeger you could do tofu. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, we could do all those things and you got thanksgiving coming up, you get. So I going, heck, yeah, fritzy good. Good job tracking down. Melissa was fun..

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