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Without water. The get the full seminar. It's on DVD. It's available it. It is a good thing for churches to watch him as while you're speaking I was listening in also going through some of the questions, we can get ready for QNA. A lot of questions are coming to deal with the fact of. How do I get my family out of were to face? Any are and I. Think just you know you'd agree. One thing that is very helpful is to get your DVD series. Clouds without water to and just show it. It to them I? Don't know how many people I've heard testimony have just watch that and they didn't see you know what these Charlton's were doing. Until it was put in a context and all sounds like Oh and part of this, so that's a good resource to have yeah by God's grace Yeah I've had a lot of people on a daily basis. I get emails from people all around the world that the the Lord is used that to help open their eyes and. It's a you know if if someone is one of the marks of a Christian, is that a a genuine Christian can be an error, even serious error for a season once they're shown the truth, if they truly belong to Christ, and they see the true from God's word, then you would expect that person to bend the knee to the truth and what we see happen with a lot of people. Obviously, everybody's GonNa been there because hot. Christian is a Christian, but those who are they would been there. You'd expect them to have been there need to the truth, and so go right there to Justin Peters, dot org and get get it. There question it is coming up. Maybe we will asnnounced during Cuny will clouds without waters be in different languages? It's in Spanish now. But we are working on. In fact, kind of working with a washer heart cried ministries, and they're going to try to get. Get it translated into some other languages as well so I don't have a date on that, but it's it is in the works you must meet. That were working with Paul Washer Washers a real deal I mean he is. I love that guy. I've got a lot of respect for Paul Washer could go so so let's look at some before we take a break. We're GONNA take a ten minute break We will have some more folks. We have just an almost eighteen hundred people registered. The registration, keep coming in and again. If you're watching, go to the the page. PUT IT UP I. Don't have it ups. I'll create one fort. if you go to the striving fraternity and go to the online, which many of you are watching from there, but at is where you can register. There's a link there to register, and so if you go there and register the you're going to be picking three people a later on the week..

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