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You got some of these guys? That, you know, he has hit in. Done. Well, you know, the Jordan love one is the one that perplexes everybody. Hey, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna question with this point. Uh, the only other thing I wanted to mention I'd like your opinion. I'm to sporting events. I was personally in attendance at number one, Uh, B. Was that in Lambeau? You know, I grew up of 60 inches. All that grew up. You know, in the Golden years, the Packers boy we've lost a lot of including my favorite Paul Horning in the last year, but I was at the game, the first of the three championships and 65 Jim Brown's last game when I always see the replay of warning going around the end in the mud. On beating the Browns for the first of the three championships. I was at that game. Was asked the Championship game, the FBS BCS championship game. The Ohio State Miami Game in Tempe, Arizona in 2003 was that I thought was tremendous double overtime. You know what happened at the end of that game that late flag lot people questioned, you know. Ah, you know, all right, just that wasp. He and I was also let it game two games. I took the 74 e Don't Paul West all passed away. Today I was at the 74 Championship game in Milwaukee. When they lost to the Celtics on their home court. And that was a great sell their team I thought West. Always great. He was underrated. I met him in Las Vegas. What a nice guy, but I was also a hat. If you remember Game January 9th 1972. When the bus stopped the Lakers 33 game winning streak Sunday afternoon. Well, I'll give you the best game of them all is the college collegiate championship game. Sorry, If you're disagree with me, you're asking my opinion, and I appreciate you checking in and asking for my opinion. Uh, yes, it was a historic game that they actually stopped to 33 game winning streak. But it was a regular season game when push comes to job, so it doesn't have the magnitude about the games, and that was an actual championship on the line if you're at a Packer championship game Would want to be at the one the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field when they actually be cowboys. That's the game I would love and that would that one came just after the game that you mentioned. So you are of an age that you could have potentially at least been there. That's the game. If you had gotten there, that might be the most iconic game that's ever been played in the state of Wisconsin. I quickly time out. Come back. Get the phones re stoked. You get aboard, I'd take your call. 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 back on the lines after latest CBS Sports Update May the Schwartz be with you. Here's Mike McCann. See me? Yes. Fun Sports flag. Oh, right. Jody NBA, serving up a half dozen Saturday game 76 is improved to five and one. They swatting away the.

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