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Else have a good day out there also did you wanna hear that audio the bronze plan in there because some people said they could hear clearly they heard in the background. I heard it yeah we'll hear guys you did hear it okay K. city Mister. good morning Rick. fine and it's so good to hear your voice thank you so much thank you what's your what's your name for saying that Norma know what a nice thing for you to say just an old tape of Ricky's. sellers and it just sort of playing looks like I'm back on the. there is awesome I love that man. Tony George is the morning traffic Tony was gonna well that that we've got some problems on both sides of the four or five in Orange County southbound side if we get to magnolia to car fender Bender there is off to the side of the freeway with the help of freeway service patrol and delays they're coming off of the twenty two still pretty busy I've had all the way to might have to sand canyon and then northbound side of the four or five just before you get to call very that to car crashes cleared from right wing that's still pretty solid as you're coming out that the five freeway he headed to the city of industry sixty freeway eastbound side just before you get the seven they would just sell car out of the car pulling in into the center divider but that's back at the drive coming from the six oh five west bound by the sixty as heavy as you said you're pretty much see the brake lights there all the way to the five is making a way into ally and it'd sermon oaks northbound side the one on one just before you get to the floral five they did clear that crash for the two right lanes everybody still hanging on on the shoulder waiting for another tow trucks of the drive is tough from the one seventy split and pretty so I've had a lake parkway Calabasas southbound they the one a one at white oak that earlier Salt pickup truck is gone but still seeing heavy brake lights there from desoto and that's gonna be a tough drive all.

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