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Com i'm john stolnis what this target have to gain by hiking workers wages time tom busby joe ramsey walmart introduces what's vexed for the tech savvy with a little faith in society certainly question could hurt people and questions of what is taught in a harry potter course i'm jim bohannon with more in a moment all ahead on america in the morning it's seven after the hour the latest effort to repeal and replace obamacare with a plan to give block grants to states allowing them to determine coverage is all but dead in the senate bob constantini has the latest from capitol hill unlike previous congressional budget office reports which did supply supplier ballpark number with little time cbo can only say that millions of americans would lose their health care coverage under the current gop bill and that's enough for senator susan collins to say she's a no vote all but killing its chances of passage it would have a negative impact on millions of americans who are now insert so it was that final piece of the puzzle that i had been waiting to to confirm republicans to hold a hope of swing senator rand paul to support the measure but he reiterated his overall opposition monday afternoon to only need fifty votes the bill would have to be approved by saturday but in the monday morning darkness outside his senate office building scores of people with disabilities were already lined up no question medicaid saver liberty a couple dozen protesters many wheelchairs chanted delaying started the senate's only hearing into the grand pass the healthcare bill lindsay graham believing that shifting most healthcare coverage decisions to the states is the way to go that if we took the money and power out of washington we've got closer the patient we put in.

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