Gordon Hayward, Cavs, Avery Bradley discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed - 7/05/17 - Gordon Hayward & Celtics vs. LeBron James


Okay so instead of losing four one you lose four to you might win two or three more game but really do you actually think gordon hayward if the peace that gonna put you over the cavs in process of signing him guess what you're gonna produce give you probably have to say goodbye to j crowder you probably don't have to say goodbye a marcus smart mouth only girenko so all the death that you once had that you could throw at people that's going to be going but this was going to be very very interesting moving forward avery bradley and as a thomas are free agents next year and guess what they gonna want skip as their thomas gonna wanna max contract avery bradley gonna wanna max contract now we talking to talk about this later otto porter basically otto porter you've got one hundred four five six million dollars from other thomas adne me like one eight two hot yep though is gonna be very interesting skip but i am a little surprised so for once i agree with everything you just made but what should be your bottomline conclusion everything you just said it should be the gordon hayward just made a big mistake it should be that gordon hayward will ultimately longterm regret the decision he just made occurred because i'm with you i was surprised i was shocked that he chose boston now i was also impressed for one reason he showed some guts and some backbone and some fearless desire to take on the king and go winner ring what i walked windows give me what if any would go and then all of a sudden hold your heart disease he decided he just wanted to write for the players tribune so he wanted to wait on the the.

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