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Printed gun blueprints eight states sued the block the release Washington, state attorney general Bob Ferguson federal government continues To sexually executive orders and decisions. In a way it is, sloppy. That is ham handed that lacks thought that lacks rigor free fabricated plastic. Gun circumvent requirements. For background checks serial numbers and gun registrations all one hundred one passengers and crew survived the crash of an. AeroMexico Embraer one ninety jet liner Durango Mexico the. Pilot tried to abort the takeoff and skidded off the runway eighty-five people were injured two of. Them critically prosecutors in Los Angeles say they've declined to pursue sex abuse, claims against, CBS head honcho les Moonves because. The statute of limitations had expired a woman claims moonville sexually assaulted her in one thousand nine hundred eighty six. And eighty eight but she, didn't tell police until this past February Richard. Cantu ABC news Stay, connected stay informed KOMO. News KOMO news time, five thirty one clear skies eighty. One degrees in Seattle in for Tom Glasgow Taylor van Cise with Elisa Jaffe a federal judge in Seattle issued a temporary restraining order to stop the release of three, d. gun blueprints this comes a day, after eight states including ours. Sued to block the Trump administration settlement with a company that makes the plans. Available online was supposed to, do. That by tomorrow they argued that it would give criminals access to untraceable. Three d. printed. Weapons state attorney general Bob Ferguson says he expects the president to follow the temporary order and that is to. Make it fun lawful for anyone to post this. Information if somebody wants to run afoul of federal law I don't recommend it they can't do. It but they will face the consequences I'm confident, that the, federal government Defense distributed based in Austin Texas had announced it would make the blueprints available online until the restraining order was issued today and separately Senator Patty Murray. Is out with a proposal to ban, the sale of plans for printable guns the Washington democrat says selling the plans for three d printable guns is dangerous and could get deadly weapons in the hands of people who shouldn't have them she's cosponsoring a Bill to ban the. Sale of the, blueprints online but she faces opposition from the NRA, which supports the new technology saying it embodies freedom and innovation Charlie Harger KOMO. News an outpouring of love and support for the, family friends and colleagues. Of a fallen can, police officer komo's Ryan Harris reports. On the memorial for officer Marino The, bagpipes are, an all. Too common sounded officer memorials which signal the loss of someone who sacrificed. Themselves to keep their neighbors safe among those who spoke at the. Service was Kent mayor Dana Ralph who. Saw Diego. Moreno at her home just hours before his death last time Diego kiss Shelly was. In my, yard she'd kissed him to, buy, a thousand times but, had no idea this would be the last one the memorial also included a poignant moment where a battle. Streamer with Marino's name on it was placed on the Kent police flag and honor given to. Those who died on, the job it was placed by officer Mark Williamson was also involved in the incident that took Marino's life a life celebrated by thousands. In cancer Ryan Harris KOMO news today's memorial for officer Merano brings, back memories for the Lakewood police department they lost four officers in one day back in two thousand. Nine it was November, in two thousand nine one four Lakewood officers were shot and killed at a coffee shop before they started their shifts assistant police chief John on Fred says Time has helped almost. Half our department wasn't here back in two, thousand, nine so there's been a lot of diffusion as, far as that. Goes but all of us at were we don't talk a lot about it but we known and he's still carry that he says. When there is a memorial for a fallen officer it's one of these just kind of takes the band aid off and brings you. Right back, on Fred says it's part of the. Healing process though for law enforcement the community and for officer Marino's. Family I mean we all in. The community will will miss him I sure his family and his family and campaign will will certainly miss him honor him today see Romero KOMO news KOMO news time five thirty four. Here's marina Rockinger but a. Few. Issues out there in our AAA traffic indeed so we have, a problem in Pacific west valley highway, is closed, between Jovita. Boulevard and Ellington due to a fire so if you take one six. Seven that's bumper to bumper traffic because of a crash near highway. Four ten in Sumner and that back begins, at. Ellington so we have both lanes blocked out one six seven fire department is still, on the, scene there so you can Get by on the core point of the on ramp from. Highway four ten to southbound. One six seven we've got a. Very heavy conditions southbound I five from Federal Way. Down through the five curve it's tough in the JVM area near. The main gate because of an earlier blocking problems so it's gonna be, very slow from the Nisqually road as you. Head up, towards that scene we have slow down southbound I, five from Northgate into downtown Seattle southbound four zero five bumper to bumper in Bellevue from five twenty two coal, creek northbound four zero five rolling, slow from five twenty, two eighty fifth and Kirk, linen again. From totem, lake to the five to two interchange northbound I. Five rolling slow from the Lake City way area up into Lynnwood it's tough. From the Boeing, freeway northbound I five, through Everett past, highway, two and. Another area I, want to mention his highway one zero four it's blocked both..

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