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Patricia. Gra barak and i'm katina sawyer and welcome to the worker being podcast so katina. You have an article for us today. That i'm super excited about. I think if. I know what you're talking about. Yes i'm excited about a two because it actually has very practical application. I think this is one of those articles that has a very easy practical application. But it's not something that i had really thought about integrating into my day very much before. So we're going to be talking today about exposure to blue light which comes from like your smartphone or your laptop and how exposure to blue light can mess with your sleep and what the consequences of that are for your work and what you can do about it so yes. I do love this topic. Because i have my blue light blocking glasses that i use all the time and if this is going to support my use of glasses i'm gonna feel less silly for having used them for like a year. Well you know get ready because it may just make your dreams come true so here this article. Nab you might be quite happy with it. So yeah i actually bought them when you bought them too. But i ended up not using them because I use them sometimes but in not using them as much because I felt like on calls the way like the light is the place where i usually sit on calls. I felt like my eyes look like screens. And i couldn't like look people in the eye and i started to get worried about it but But then i could wear them. Actually while i'm doing other things which perhaps after reading this article that may be a conclusion that we might come to. Yeah i actually feel really funny about it. Because before i changed jobs i started wearing them and people were like. Oh i didn't know you. Glasses putinite blockers. I just decided to that. I've been getting. Because i was getting some headaches when everyone was going to video calls and i think it was just being tired and probably those staring at my screen..

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