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Live from npr news in washington i'm shay stevens president trump is praising the leaders of north and south korea for their historic meeting on friday trump says he's looking forward to his own gathering with the north's leader kim jong own at a still undetermined location to be held in late may or early june until ben trump says the united states will continue its campaign of maximum pressure to get north korea to abandon its nuclear and missile programs a federal judge dismissed a federal lawsuit by former trump campaign manager paul manafort the lawsuit challenged the special counsels authority in the russia investigation npr's ryan lucas says the judge says that manafort can address those concerns as part of the ongoing criminal case metaphor filed a civil lawsuit in january against the justice department and special counsel robert muller alleging that muller had exceeded his authority by probably matters unrelated to the two thousand sixteen election manafort's lawyers later scaled back those claims and have since asked the court to protect manafort from future prosecutions by the special counsel the justice department has called the lawsuit frivolous and asterik be dismissed in her twenty four page ruling judge amy berman jackson did just that throwing out manafort civil case and declaring that his concerns about the special counsel's investigation will be taken up in the ongoing criminal case manafort has pleaded not guilty to conspiracy money laundering and other charges ryan lucas npr news washington a federal appeals court isn't holding the voter id law in texas as matt largely of member station k u t reports from austin the ruling keeps the law in place for the upcoming midterm elections texas lawmakers i passed a law requiring voters to show a photo id at the polls back in twenty eleven federal courts have struck it down twice saying the law discriminates against minority voters suppressing turnout particularly among hispanic voters but last year state lawmakers amended the law allowing voters without a photo id to cast a ballot if they had signed a statement saying.

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