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Things are becoming desperate, Joint compassion international and provide for a family in poverty. Make your one time $40 gift text hope 283393. John Thomas NewsRadio Wofl a near record heat expected again today with a high of 92. The record is 93 set back in 1951. But when you factor in the humidity today, it will feel closer to 100. There's about a 30% chance of a late afternoon shower or two. Nding, clearing out overnight with a low of 76 drier air in the upper levels of the atmosphere will limit our rain chance just 10% tomorrow and it will still be hot with a high of 90. If you are out on the water, there's a bit of a breeze East winds 10 to 15 knots in a moderate shot on the bay. I'm Max Offender rate meteorologist Li Span. What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. Program. Hello, America. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. There are two choices in front of America. Right now. There is the choice of Trying to fix this and make this better repair the mistakes of the past or scrap the whole thing and go for something entirely new get rid of the free market. Get rid of much of our constitution and the constitutional protections and start governing as a big state. Which one do you want? And which one will bring Peace and prosperity and which one will bring Reald danger to those who disagree. Way? Begin there in 60 seconds. This is Glenn back programs. Our sponsor. This half hour is really factor having frequent pain in your life. Isn't that uncommon? Millions of people suffer from it every day. And when that inflammation hits your joints, whether it's from the regular exercise of day to day living or the effects of aging It's like dragging a car around on a chain behind you. I know because I was in severe pain every day for years,.

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