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Lima as my opponent. Says is probably one of the best. If not the best fighters outside you have see right now. I personally put kyoji horiguchi at the top of that list. But it's him in lima. I want to or one day. One be whatever you wanna call it. I don't know what the ballot or has an ominous off for. All we know we could be having completely different argument like we could be saying. Just how good is obviously the best in the world. Like who a after italian all of a sudden everyone are on our side is the best bantamweight in the world right now just because he just lead blankets high level. Fires like brad. John's probably not but at least we're having this conversation right now. So maybe i'm assad is one of those conversations. We have all watch. Paul daily do anything. I'll watch paul daily make a bowl of cereal and i will be transfixed by whatever this man does so. Yeah i'm gonna watch fistfight. Another human being added jason jackson to the mix. I'm all for. I feel like i'm doing a lot better job than delatour does is selling these fights. Watch that fight watch the ufc fight. You know why because if you like. Mma just watch both have to choose their on different days but if you have a gun to my head and you're making me pick one. Hey i'm confused while you're making me pick between two cars. My life is not that important. So watch ballots are if your life is in threat over choosing one so Aaron peco's great Time clocks straight. Nick knowles great Fun times all around in ballots or but watch if you want because it doesn't really an the endgame sonic. We're trying to solve the israeli conflict right now. We're just watching fist fighting for a living. So do whatever your heart is like. I'm going to agree with my opponent. His life is not that important. I'm gonna disagree. That question isn't whether you like him as whether you like yourself. If you like yourself. Have a saturday night with the family. You drink with your friends go outside. Do any number of things on the watch. Fifteen fights of media st fights. You can read the recaps. We're going to have him up you come. I don't know who's doing. Just go read them. If there's something big guess what we're going to put the highlights on site you just watch out for and you can have eight to ten hours of your life to do anything you want anything you could read. A book could fistfight. Someone yourself anything you want to do. The world news release you like yourself. Don't watch ufc on saturday. But toon identified dot com again. My opponent my opponent keeps acting like he can put sentences together in his mind can't do it. He again probably can't read so disregard that he's also saying crack. Open a beer and have some fun with your friends. I don't think opponent is legally allowed to drink in the united states. I think you have to be twenty one to do that. He's little too young for that and again have him having a quote unquote fizzy pot. Going down to the stop with friends also needs a group of individuals that want be around this man while watching television so take my opponents word with a grain of salt again. Mike apologies for my opponent for that rambling incoherent. Tom foolery x. Question is ferragu mixing metaphors with sock hop. Which is in old people term. And i'm too young to drink now saying in this in this world in this world people are like people go to the sock hop in the two thousand twenty one while he definitely has to be older than seventeen years old. We definitely won't question that so you're trying to portray yourself as a more mature by individual. Maybe at as we say grownup So yes my metaphor. Stance nice to hear from jose. Young's is bill cosby sweater joining us in the chat this week. It's always a good to see him. Dr alan grant was here earlier and i know one person i know. One person doesn't feel danny. Sabotage is the best bantamweight in the world. Is jed meshu if you watched the show last week Rob rob far best bantamweight in the world new england coach l. All day we are trying to create some some good juju here and normally when we talk about these cards on paper and it's not getting tremendous reviews usually exceeds expectations. And you know. Hopefully that happens. Here we're trying to plant some positive seeds but we'll move ahead. The points veron three goes to jed stole at the end. I gotta give it to him..

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