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55 percent unfavorable uh after two months um and so then i went back in the field uh eight months later just uh three weeks ago in november and we tougher same key metrics using the same methodology and we've got a significant increase in those on parables to sixty four percent unfavorable from the 55 percent uh i just told you all that we had in mind in march and that includes sixty uh fifty six percent that's sad that very unfavorable so i think uh you know based on that my you know most call runs uh don't much like donald trump now he does how i'm i'm not saying that that's the case for everyone he's got about a third uh block but uh uh do like teeth today the plus for meat love two out of three tank is back in colorado right yeah and if you ever seen numbers tab for president in our pets in modern polling by no i have not i have never seen numbers look a and dead it will yeah i'd he just got his tax legislation passed the eyes poached on albany resolves kevin feeling about whether that will i heard on her help 'em in colorado you know i had a feeling you're gonna ask you about that uh and now it was actually watching you last night i'd never watched he spent two and we're here we're gonna glued to the tv watching this uh unfold but i think uh i don't have numbers here in colorado i wish i had i think maybe we could do that for uh for the next survey and we and i.

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