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Doozy as actress. Cheryl Hines is the only woman I know who can go toe-to-toe with Larry. David, besides Suzy assessment, of course, and actually went all giving. And by the way today happens to her birthday, happy. Intelligent show Hines. Pay here. So as Joyce said, happy birthday, Hugh I'm turning fifty next month. Welcome. Okay. What should I look forward to and what should I dread. I like it would tell you something. Well, you know, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between conditioner and shampoo. Okay. I mean anything to her. The all in one is my advice. And then once you the poor to, I think people for some reason think you're wiser in the Senate to you more. Why would like that? Yeah, joy will listen to me more. I'm not saying joy will. People not doing all right, but so I don't know. I've enjoyed my fifties will you're killing it though, reeling it you guys, we've curb your enthusiasm that was up for best comedy series. We all saw you didn't take me ward, but you looked absolutely gorgeous. That's on the red carpet there you are that and you had your husband with you, right? I did Robert Kennedy Jr. force. Do you still have to save yourself? I'm married to Kennedy. That's the thing. So weird if I woke up in the morning is that I'm married to a Kennedy. Most of the time it's there's no difference you know than being married to, I don't know, and on I ninety, yeah. But then when we moved into gather, we're putting up family photos and I have a picture of my uncle who was great at designing t shirts. And he puts up his picture of his uncle, who was the president of the United States, like, okay. But just different different different. Well, you joke that you have multiple husbands? Yeah, because you were also married on TV of course to Larry, David on curb one of my favorite shows by the way you say that people get really upset when they realize that you guys aren't married in real life. Sometimes they do. They say, where's Larry? And I'm in the airport with two cases. Why? Why does there have to be with me at all times. But yeah, when people found out that we were really married, it really threw them off really doing a good job. Oh, really? Half glass full, aren't you? I am. Nice. To watch the show like it depicts so many awkward moments that you go through in your own lines are divorced on the show, and you are now dating his best friend had dancing and it's hilarious because Larry, David is obsessed with it. He follows you around the one thing that makes him so well, it's funny because Larry, you know, wrote the storyline and in the story. Ted asks, Larry can ID channel, and Larry said, I'd rather you not. And then ten does anyway. It. Oh, it's just all part of Leary's thought process. I said, real life really could be. We'll provide everything that show script really all the dialogue is improvised their rights, the story outline. So it's very specific where the story goes in what happens. But all the dialogue is amazing. Yeah, I mean, isn't that amazing? All right. Cross. About sets for minute because you worked with Aardvarks or eight MAG pharmaceuticals shed some light on a condition that a lot of women suffer with. It's not easy to talk about, but it's real, tell us about it. It's not easy to talk about. That's why this campaign is called the painfully awkward conversation. So a lot of women are having painful sex after menopause. And so that's what I have to look forward to. You, there are things that you can do about it. That's what I'm here to tell you. But, but most importantly, I think it's starting the conversation that women should be able to talk to other women and talk to their healthcare provider. If they are experiencing talk as you husband talk to your all him. That's a good start. Why think about the thing is a lot of women feel like it's only happening to them so they say anything, but yes. Talk to your husband, talked to other people and then talk to your healthcare provider and find out what you because it's your body changing. It's this really not what the husband can can do. Right, right things they can do to help. What can you what can be done.

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