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More so than not having a Anthony Davis. That's a glaring hole in the middle. And now your accent LeBron to continue what he's already doing, but probably play them more minutes and even put up even bigger numbers. I'm not sure you want that from your superstar aging player. You know, at this point in his career move of forward, they're gonna have to look at at some point in the season given this guy some rest because the most important thing for LeBron Yeah, he wants to probably 1 A.m. v p, But he also wants to win another championship, too, And that means being arrested and healthy for the playoffs. Yeah, the Lakers should not increase LeBron's minute. Just keep him right where they are. If you take a couple of extra losses, who cares? And the Lakers Air 21 7 is I'm going to go in eight. Without Anthony Davis still metal long they'll be fine. There. Win loss record is going to be just fine for LeBron's M V P case. I think more than any candidate Maybe an MBA history. LeBron's NBP cases going to transcend these normal criteria that we use in terms of standing and plus minus. It's not going to be about any of those things for voters when it comes to LeBron. Or a third of the way through the MBA season and an informal polls showing that he's currently the front runner for the M V P LeBron 29 straight games with 15 points, five rebounds and five assists. Lakers improving 25 and one this season without Anthony Davis. Here's our Mike Greenberg. It is possible that Anthony Davis after taking this time off of the strained calf, and the tendon know, Sis And whatever else it is that he has will be just fine. Now, when you hear injury to the Achilles, that is the scariest thing you can hear, because I'm old enough to remember a time when Kevin Durant Had almost exactly this injury and he was told you can come back When you feel up to it. There's no way your Achilles will blow and he came back in the finals. And in his first game there he was lying on the ground. So with Anthony Davis, you air Not only on the side that's not even enough. What what's going farther than airing on the side of caution? Aaron the continent of caution, whatever it is, you do, but Assuming he's OK and I understand it's a big assumption. Assuming he's okay. I believe the Lakers remain the team to beat for the NBA championship this year. We got the win over the Timberwolves on Tuesday. Greenie weekdays 10 A.m. Eastern time following Keyshawn J. Will and Zubin You're on ESPN radio right now. SportsCenter all night? No. A D for the Lakers. No Katie for the Nets. And after his 40 point game a night ago, Kyrie Irving also out for Tuesday's game against Phoenix, and without two of their big three, the Nets would struggle. Look who comes through down the stretch. 34 seconds to go harden straight on three all the way, God told James Harden is let them know the way back. Let's take a two point Lee, which 29.8 seconds to go. 24 point lead for the Sons is gone. W F A M with the call Harden 38.9 11 assists as the Nets rally for a four point win 1 28 1 24 over the Sun's Harden speaking with TNT, Katie's having a hard time. Or insane and having.

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