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Thank you honey thank you so much well that's how you do what we learned today we learned that we like chicken wrapped in bacon delicious we learned that green beans are also called urt covert we also learned that cg will do anything food court yeah thank you we also learned that the star of handmaid's tale is crosby milk houses work on the emi goes to crosby mills housing tin for the handmaid's tale hey if you wanna follow markets keys malone cj cj life that's j a y l y f e j could go all the way great job in that game j rod he's at josh underscore rodriguez underscore all i'm hello ross on all social media and the show is hello ross pod ross pod twitter discriminate straight talk on facebook facebook dot com straight talk with ross and the website straight talk with ross dot com do favor tweet us they hi and gordon rate us on i tunes stars spread the word try and see if you can tell three people about the program and if you know crosby's still housing ten crosby more housing ten crazy morehouse huge fan i'm back from vacation very soon so we'll come back we've been here for you but you know the episode required all right so fresh fresh fresh episodes and our ovens bring it to four fifty see you next time straight talk with ross.

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