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Migrants, I'm Paul Stevens. Fox news. A migrant caravan of thousands of central Americans continuing to inch closer to the US while active duty troops arrive at the southern border at the current pace. The migrant caravan won't get to the US border until sometime in December which gives the US military, plenty of time to gear up for this mission. And in fact, some of the deployed soldiers have already arrived here at Fort Bliss, which is one of several military. Installations in Texas, Arizona and California serving as support logistics hubs for the thousands of troops and those troops are coming from basis across America, including Fort Knox. Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Fort Bragg, North Carolina and other bases in Georgia, Illinois, Colorado, even Washington state. Fox's Rick Leventhal and El Paso, Texas. Those migrants on the mind to President Trump Thursday government of Mexico has generously offered asylum jobs education and medical care for people within the caravan, but many members of the carava. Van have refused. These offers which demonstrate that these migrants are not legitimate asylum seekers hasn't with reporters at the White House. Oprah Winfrey hits the campaign trail Oprah Winfrey is in Georgia to encourage eligible voters to support the democratic candidates. Stacey Abrams who if elected will become the first African American female governor in US history to all the press everybody, I'm not here because I'm making some grandstand. 'cause I think it about running myself. I don't want to run up told the crowd the one place where we're all equal is at the polls oxes Michelle Pollino, north and South Korea agreeing to officially inform the International Olympic Committee. They wanna co host the twenty thirty two summer games Korean sports officials meeting today at North Korean border town, also agreeing to send a combined Korean team connects years world handball championships..

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