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Tutoring your superintendent Christina grant. We are continuing our high impact tutoring campaign. We're going to make sure that more than 4000 students have access to small group and frequent high quality tutoring sessions. And targeting a lot of those investments in resources and our highest needs schools. Grant says DCP S will also prioritize mental health and support for LGBTQ students in the new school year. Coming up disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein is back in court today. It's 9 43. The time has come, you need a new roof. That qualifies as a major project, so you don't want just any company replacing your roof, you want the roofing experts. And you want it done right the first time, right? This is George Wallace. And if that's the case, you need to pick up the phone right now called Patrick fingers at new look home design. New look home designer has installed over 40,000 rooms for happy homeowners. In fact, on average, they install one roof every hour. So you know they have the experience you want when working on your home. New look offers same day onsite or virtual estimates, a 3D rendering of your home and line by line pricing so you know exactly what you're paying for. Oh, and don't forget about the lifetime warranty so you know they stand behind their work. Through August 31st, new look is offering 50% off all roofing materials plus no payments, no interest financing for 12 months. Do the math folks get your new roof now and make no payments for a full year. Do what I in over 40,000 homeowners have done, call new look home design. 802 7 9 5300 or visit new look home design dot

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