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That when i was uh a riding for bobby frankel so yeah i had a lot of good experience who wrote a lot scared who is in his way and um uh gallup real quiet for a short period of time and so yeah say i've seen very blast so they say that uh sometimes you know there it they don't have a lot of females riding in the afternoon but they um whether it's uh proper or not they feel that the man is stronger uh in the afternoon but they say that the women are better in the mornings the galloping in the working of horses would you agree with that i would agree with that sam um i think you know pound for pound we susic we don't have the strength that the males have i mean maybe that grown to argue eubadged she was unbelievable um female right up but i i do think that they just physically a stronger than us um and i think with the wind and i think it's it's some it's some form of um you know the the the passion we have a loved that we have to the war sousse transfers through i think and i think the horses feel that and we have a lot more i would say finesse is the best way to describe that women seemed to get on with horses figure out a way to compromise more with with horses the tricky ones particularly so i think more of that that the the canada and s you know of women's hands um and uh the way the handling horses i think is probably uh you know the the female edge as an exercise rider and a jockey abbas affect due to a mostly so talented on a horse the juve actually been a stunt than stunt riding and the filled in on some tv shows and movies because of your ability i guess to write a horse i don't know talented they're throwing dive eight adrenaline junkie a probably may raise because i've airless yes i um i.

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