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Hi this is john rhetoric from the rock band the long winter but i'm ken jennings from the syndicated crucial jeopardy we have a podcast called omnibus it's a time capsule of our era and we put a new entry in the ground every tuesday and thursday listen on apple podcast or wherever you get your podcasts and subscribe to never miss a single episode off it's time ford the shoe ladies and gentleman friends and neighbours i am bend bull in in i am super proud of both of us for not starting with the fortune today is that on the table it's always on the table but uh so far we've managed to uh be our best selves i think with the farthest we ventured into that kind of blue territory was unicorn farts angel angel farts i you know there was that and then there was also the episode about scientists hiding under college kids beds that was in our fault no no that was that was a a historical facts through i'm no by the way mrs ridiculous history and here we are here we are so you may be asking yourselves been noel super producer casey peg room why did you feel the need to point out that you aren't starting with the fortune we'll because ben were talking about poohpooh today we are we are a and we are not just talking about excrement we're talking buddy very important sort of excrement white gold my man who guantanamo yup the island ingot known as byrd prove the island inc a wto and we are also talking about geopolitics were talking about the great game that all nations play now what could be better poohpooh in geopolitics ray are you glad you tuned in to day so i would propose that we as the mad hatter said start at the beginning each acting as a smart way to go about this 'til her in and will probably go to the middle in sort of a chronological where.

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