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Had a meeting on a tarmac bill clinton and that in itself raises the question of whether or not there was some sort of undue influence or at least the appearance of impropriety and therefore it was left tacoma to do something that is really unprecedented which is to not only announce the results of the investigation but to make recommendation she should not be prosecuted and that's really where this troubles began because when he made that recommendation he made a promise to republican lawmakers and subsequent testimony that he would inform them of any new information came to light and of course we now know that some information did come to light in the final weeks of the campaign having a separate investigation and anthony weiner who was the former husband of her top aides aberdeen where they discovered some of these emails and then then at least raised the specter of more fbi interest in hillary clinton for the emails and then in an investigation which had previously been thought to be closed so all of that is now under an enormous amount of scrutiny and we have some preview as to you know a lot of people including eric holder criticized how combing handled all that's and whether or not he was in his rights taken upon himself to announce his recommendations on whether or not they should be profit cupid data i think going to be covered along with these leaks to the media down ultimately affected mccabe in this inspector general report which i gather is going to be released next month i suspect in when comas book comes out that we're going to hear a lot more about this let's talk about this lack of candor the issue is an allegation in the inspector general's report that mccabe lack candor that's certainly not a crime but what is it for the fbi well in the fbi very grave matter and i spoke to a former fbi agent for my column who said.

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