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The welcome back uh let's see here paul watching free speech tv and lucerne california hey paul what's on your mind today tom paul yeah you're on the air okay we got you're talking about go cuba when you i'm sorry said again last week we were talking about you needed crank apollo bigger christer yeah as better now what you say ricki we're talking about are your question aren't california weather he'll period cable pray for much more require i told you during the democratic party we hit on an already every work okay eight mark mcgwire got his victor i'm one guy the freedom party when you cofounder mary how cruel is that that's great yeah yeah okay jewelry two that quipped injured while now it's it's leftover from the from go it should take about a year to jackie right i quit to take a year ticket britain good two two good for you i heard on it harry right so step one as to repeal was at prop prop thirteen or was it a later profits it was a ballot initiative uh okay oh really sure here we did away with it now beautiful right i know i mean you've been stake i mean we got money bank to country could take a look at co cornea from our country right yeah no i don't disagree paul and i think particularly if he goes single payer so you're suggesting that the it was confirm or or or knocked down my memory here by recollection is the that it was a ballot initiative promoted by the billionaire groups say that you can't raise taxes without a super maju already am i remember in right so so how all right so they're planning are they planning on knocking down this ballot initiative i mean was that an amendment augusta show was that a law go to date change sure if you can't change it right in our constitutional right and presumably it would take a majority not a supermajority to change the law that says he added to have a supermajority arrays taxes oh you're right okay so so senator told me appreciate eighty person who had on you really into now right now show everybody can you please the party we very very well said well said good luck davis update okay paul he was up today okay thanks a lot on the talk and thanks for washington when we read that.

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