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Well i think the best way is like the commissioner biological diversity decided which is a moratorium on all kinds of changing it and until there is a political geopolitical discussion that is number one also for instance now one thing that is really concerning is that while you were speaking there are at least three initiatives to make opener fieldtesting off offered changing one in california one in arizona that that's the one that they spoke about one in alaska and all of them are planned for dc are very may closed so what's happened is that these initiatives and this is a very clear example of how research can leave to locking to say well we have that technology would have tested if we make a small base it won't happen anything but the the local population doesn't know about that even if he doesn't have any impact now this is only one experiment this is very far away from what representative jeffries said it's about open at experiments in the three cases and you know there are other things happening that if we don't have a clear decision as we kind of do all that before we really speak about this is the way we want to go eat so then go with other things that is not then then we have all this experience that are being honest without any kind of measure to stop then or to see you know and and we think that is really very wrong i'm joshua johnson you're listening to one there are also a number of you who worry that engineering our climate means assuming a role that is not really for mere mortals like us to take on like this listener who left a note in our inbox my name is bob marino i'm calling from louisville in response to geo engineering there is no you in being alive that will know how to terror forum or do any engineering on a global scale to impact life there's just way too many variables involved and way too many things about life that we don't yet know it's a dangerous thing that tried to play god probably appreciate your call jacob what about this idea of playing god i don't think that anyone on this panel would suggest that we know with certitude how to repair what humans have broken but i do understand what bob's coming from something about the idea of.

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