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I mean the biggest thing was speaking was the endorsement battle between john cox and travis allen for the republican party endorsement for governor and neither one of them received it i mean the bar is high sixty percent but that's john was saying look the greatest part of of these weekends it's a lot of work but it's also a lot of seeing people the a couple times a year i it's just a lot of fun and then you see some great speakers know there's some good parties i think john night both spend a little bit of quality time the hotel bar but this is fun the endorsement that was really like the big focus of the weekend so now i was under saying that you need sixty percent and neither candidate got one god north of fifty five percent john cox more than fifty five percents travis allen got about forty percent and then a couple percent voted for no endorsement basically in this race most voters do not know especially republican voters do not know who these candidates are they're not well known johncock the wealthy businessmen is is from huntington beach but for the average voter if you walked up to a random person did i have no idea who these people are so as republicans are going to the polls if when they're trying to figure out who to support that party endorsement that party not would have been something that they would have looked to that could have helped voters sort of you know unite or consolidate behind the candidate and so it's really a lost opportunity for them and we you know it's part of the republican party it increased potential of repeat of the twenty sixteen us senate race where you had three republican candidate who nobody had ever heard for running for senate and to democrats republican voters leonard california's jungle primary where whoever makes the top team is under the general none of the republicans went on beyond you so was a democrat on democrat.

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