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They roll or you know what about being nostalgic about how you raise your kids with discipline and all that things like common courtesy like manners things like that. He's right away to come back. You go get a whooping. Yeah yeah did you. I'm telling you go get a growing up. I'm asking you think they ain't in jail. Few saved them dummy tried to beat him. Worse than my mama beat me. That's pretty bad. None of my kids got it like i got. It ain't nan our parents before us really got it too but we got it. I think we were the last of the kids that got serious beat down. A monkey must generation. I really i really pledged muscle up here. So what fred is. He in thank yous but they could. They could call head get it. They conducted technically. They should actually be. But i do wish manners. We're more prominent like they used to be. I mean know. i'm really proud of. I think all of my kids are very very manno. Matters are important you do eighteen. I love brain daddy. You know have great being on your you like clapback going on heard new. Okay daughter talking. He's talking he's crazy. You've just heard you go to talk to dog. Just came series about her business. What else do you guys wish will come back like products because they said ipad. But i mean you know. I wish her free moisturizer would come back actor. Her for yellow bottle read right. Yeah kiss kinks. Here's king merry. Go round yes some yeah. I want them to come back. But i don't wanna have to have the money i had don't want to come back. Poverty have no desire for that to come back. What were the famous. What was the famous advice. Your dad gave you about being the best thing you could do for. Po people son is not be one ran. All listen to that real close presley coming out of home. So stevens time for today's headlines those gentlemen miss and trip thank you very much everybody. Good morning this is andrew but the news. Well you know as the us congress continues to probe into the january. Six capitol hill riot. The capital was the scene of another violent threat yesterday in the end. Police took command into custody. Who had driven up to the capitol building and said he had a bomb. Authorities say forty nine year old. Floyd ray. Roseberry drove his pickup truck onto the sidewalk in front of the library of congress yesterday morning told police he had a bomb and he was holding what he said was detonator capitol police chief. Jay thomas major says though. He surrendered after they talked him. Down units network grossed. Five took him into custody without incident. Tell you know no filing no choke holding or anything. This guy earlier in a live. Facebook video a man who appeared to be roseberry warn viewers about having a bomb and told democrats in the congress and the white house to resign. Authorities say his truck did contain bomb making materials but no bomb. North carolina is still dealing with the after effects of tropical storm. Fred rescue teams in the western part of the tar heel state say the two people are dead and some twenty others are missing. As a result of the deadly flooding there crews have been searching for survivors inside the mobile homes and vehicles that were swept away by the floodwaters. The town of canton was particularly hard. Hit the mayor's that's math's says it's a sad time or hearts are sincerely heavy with the ones that are missing and the ones that were confirmed dead. Even though they don't be in the canton jurisdiction they are part of the canton. Haywood county family homes. Even bridges were destroyed. A cost businesses as well. Many residents are without power and more wet weather is expected over the weekend. So north carolina's really getting it. Federal aviation commission administration rather says it is ever going list of incidents involving unruly passengers aboard planes usually over the refusing a wearing masks in one case a steward felt the need to duct tape. One casting pass new to his seat. The airline has since told us employees that duct taping. Someone is not to be done again. That's not what you should do. The faa is instead pushing for higher fines. So far this year though. The amount of fines levied on these unruly people have total more than a million dollars. He somebo depressing news as the death. Toll climbs in haiti to over two thousand. According to an article by some seismologists and business insider magazine. it is only a matter of time before haiti experiences yet. Another major quake because the country happens to sit on. Top of two subterranean parts of the earth's crust over this magma. That's kind of liquid kind of stuff plates keeps slipping past each other which cause earthquakes and finally today would have been the birthday of the late. Great isaac as a great talent a great man and a great friend who asked the question. Sex machine.

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