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The Joe Louis Bourbon there. Follow that up with living FRISKIES. Lemon juice reorders outs is one hundred percent pure lemon. Mid Syrup that I've made up to use a regular simple syrup is well. We're GONNA Throw Schmidt in this any new. Get yourself some nice green Freshman at in the Shaker off. You don't need to muddle. We don't mean anything. Fancy the action of ice in that chant gonNA break all this meant up or as long as you shake at ardent fast. It's really no work at all. And again he taught us earlier met right. We're learning something today. His juice in it. That's when you WANNA shake it. Yeah look at US learning stuff. You're alerted. I'm watching that thing about the happy hour. You came to me to two years two years a few months back. Hey I got this idea I wanNA learn and here. We are two years later sitting without a sitting here with all these wonderful gentlemen amaze talking about Bourbon and learning you know from a bartender in Atlanta. Never my wildest dreams that I think would be doing doing this point in time and maintaining. And just nope thank you know. You've always been one of my best friends and I really appreciate everything that you do but gentlemen if don't know Jamie you get to know you gotTa know. Somebody needs a Ha Catalonia. All right so this is after only one drink so make sure we shaken up really good and we ended up with some crushed ice now. Chris is for the Bartender Candy. Tricky you know you have to break it all up smashed up except for you. Don't there is a very common fast food chain with in locations all across America? That will static bags. I I didn't say you did. But yes they have great either. So don't even bother smash ticket pick Baggio like an eight pound bag of flux sixty and you just can't be You can make three eight pound off time ago when I said Freshman and eleven wheel you say guy told me when I was young starting out. He's like two things. It's a good way to lose arm. I'm not done with that drink and the other one was you know the best way to start off a really good. Martini is five hundred. Pounds of crushed. Ice Dance do metric. Sorry so I had having order excellent. I had some logic. Craig in my glass earlier today. I was doing a little whiskey. When with the Elijah Craig Met Fox? Where were you at with the your whiskey sampled today? Yesterday I sampled For Roses today. Tonight's tonight ongoing buffalo trace on all right so gary. I had a bottle in front of you flow tricks. Well as the as the beard and hair would indicate. I'm very old school so I've got I've got a I've got a bottle of maker's with me and there's a there's a his and I'm drinking it but there's a there's a history to it is when I was in in college I dated a woman from Louisville and I was. I was taught about Bourbon by her father and even even got to go to the makers still all right so so that that instead. It's still a certain loyalty not that. I'm not going to be picking up some Joe Louis unless it happens to appear at my door at some point. Be addressed can be provided. After the do now so I do know people so they can. I think between our arms were six feet apart so I like. I like the story every every cocktails now I got. I got school nicely in Kentucky. This is the same guy who wanted to. Who brought a rifle to our college after we broke up. But you know he did teach me about Bourbon. Perfect the rifle anyway. Oh yes this kind of thing they do is Jason. You grew up in Kentucky. Yes yes one race. How Far Away from me hers were You I'm about our maker's mark. I'm actually I actually am ambassador for life for Baker's Mark Rob Samuels was against Surrey. Have made a lot of trees and his wife. Folks Love old-fashioned Manhattan's with makers forty six right Our from Mega Mar Twenty minutes from Buffalo Trace Twickenham in Woodford reserve a four needs to our ten minutes because in Claremont. Right right where. Joe's Bourbon is now distill. That does in Kentucky or is on the file through Agra yes it's marsh. The original was in larger confession and that was actually Jim. Bean Silva leave. It burned down. I actually called a Around bench about about that aren't is now popular because as One of my daily drinks is if I'm if I have something I really like Diverse reserve tenure. Single is actually a borough picked it? A friend of mine did in Kentucky but the White Label. Ninety proof for twenty five dollars is really Nice Daily. Drink makers great daily drinks but what? I'm stupid on it actually. Local from Lexington to ship out of the State is called Rod Castle. This is a this is a small distilleries badge right there. At seven hundred dollars believe like batch nine. They started off making vodka trying to get a mattress be now. They have to really nice burdens Golan. Yeah the thing with without distilleries man is one of the. I guess one of the best tours that stared that Zillur not even on the Bourbon trail in. That's buffalo trace one. It's harder to get their products but advised him everybody Utah Area Get Sea beggars mark. That's one of the most beautiful campus facilities. I've ever seen. They they they they did that one might dave. That's a really beautiful really beautiful grounds to have their nice. Hey Michael you're really there. But Yeah you've muted yourself. I went to makers or sign your show and it was right before Christmas and it was just beautiful. They had decorated the village plus years for major retailers. Like how do you see women like putting labels on asking everyone that bottles hand dipped? They go down by the hand dipped them. If you really see that at me Rob Samuels That's that's where they let you do. That was when he was star..

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