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How many games he played c c go there to appeal to wanna hear that i am going off a urologic you can understand chikkar yes of course okay so going off of your logic than taylor swift should have one nano tutu no no no no i go on for that william has that's a here logic my logic is if you're arguably one of the greatest to do with especially for that franchise obviously we're going to give you a statue you don't want to go with that argument 'cause you're gonna jersey inside so you've got a pick would not just take the jersey move forward this is like this to me this is the same thing as the player video tribute montage when they come back and they complete compete against your organization like it was not the say look you know i started say go to staples center one is not a game that a performance not a contra bob la hundreds of thousands and millions of tourists always out front right taking pictures were these statues probably never been a one laker clip again likeforlike they don't go into the game that was more photo opportunity spain that's that's what you're talking about it stands use our photo opportunities and that i feel bad for shacks than 'cause nobody can take a picture with shacks known a lot hanging amir like lo angle it but if you like doctor did i don't want you shooting down it's not a good angle when you shoot don't shoot up at means the rosia down but we can't get shack into it but it's it's just over done now if you've got a fairly i've never been to the philadelphia's spectrum if is still called that but dammit a facade iraqi statue front and there were no sixers going but i'm going to compete with rockets that you would you not thank you that's what this is about that you wasn't there is.

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